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Vintage Ceramics Part 3

Tuesday, 12 October 2010 by Irene Hoofs

Regout Pastels



One of my Dutch favorites is Regout from Maastricht, the most southern city of the Netherlands where it is actually quite hilly and a great place for weekend escapes and long walks along the “Geul” river. Petrus Regout started his ceramics factory in 1836 and his name has been associated with Dutch ceramics ever since. His company grew ever bigger and started to focus more on sanitary ceramics and tiles over the years. Unfortunately, the company stopped producing decorative ceramics and tableware in 1969 altogether. But luckily you can still find Regout ceramics in many Dutch vintage shops. I love these pastel series, a simple but sleek design. I found these pictures at awebsite of a Regout collector.

And there is much, much more...



{I have added some interesting links in the text of online shops where you can buy ceramics}
As said, once you start searching for ceramics it is easy to get lost…it is collectors’ heaven for sure…there are so many beautiful designs out there… it is hard to make a choice. These are just some of the pieces I found and particularly like. Interestingly, there are many Japanese on-line stores that sell vintage ceramics; the Japanese most love their ceramics…it is impossible for me to decipher the descriptions but just looking at the pictures makes me happy! 


You probably already heard about OurShowhome. Their on-line store is a very good destination to find some wonderful vintage ceramic pieces.

My very small colection


Here are some Danish tiles I picked up today at the St. Lawrence flea market! These were made by Nymolle in Demark, I had never heard of them but did a quick Google search. Apparently, Nymolle is a well-known Danish producer of decorative tiles. So I guess I got lucky this time...I am sure they will look great on a white wall together with some Dutch “Delfsblauw” tiles.

Special thanks to these websites:

Japanese sites:  BioTopeKana-coFlaskaFuku-ya13th-fDoggieNough

Other countries: Svenskt-porslinZimmerdahlHiandlomodernModernityFlabbergaster Organ,OlikoOurshowhomeModcatsDesignaddict


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