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Judith reporting from the Nordics, today .. Sweden


This report is written by Judith de Graaff from Joelix and all images are by Judith.

When heading to Stockholm we stopped at Gränna. This is where the typical Swedish candy is made. It is a bit of a tourist trap, however it is so nice to see how the peppermint rocks are actually created. Great for kids too! Of course you'll have to treat them (and yourself) on some red&white polkagris afterwards.


Stockholm is often referred to as the Venice of the North. And, indeed, there is water everywhere but... you don’t need a gondola to get around. The underground system works perfectly well and gets you everywhere. It is a very green city too; there are lot of parks which fill up rather fast when the sun comes out. At the end of the day we were so exhausted by the extremely extensive exhibitions at the Moderna Museet that we decided to go on a refreshing boat trip. Unfortunately there were no boats going to the Stockholm Archipelago (Skärgården) anymore. We were told by many Swedes that this is one of the most magical places of Stockholm.


Instead of starting our day in the city center, we decided to walk through the Södermalm area, which was very quiet when we visited. You'll find another hairdresser on every streetcorner. Which makes sense when you see all the well cut Swedish people around. Some of the shops we visited were Acne(of course! Nytorgsgatan 36), 6/5/4 (Nytorgsgatan 27) and Regn (Högbergsgatan 30). At Regn you can buy an updated version of the traditional Swedish raincoat. A very very good looking raincoat.

When you visit Stockholm you should absolutely drop by Kon-stig (Åsögatan 124). It's the very best art bookshop I've ever been to. Here you'll find a superb collection of art books, limited editions, one-of-a-kinds and out-of-print books. It is one of this places you don't leave empty handed.

Grandpa (Södermannagatan 21) is another nice shop you shouldn't miss. They carry nice brands like Minimarket, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and Hope. As Emma from Emma's blog suggested they have some real treasures in their basement: vintage school furniture, biology posters and much more. Also visit their neighbors at Appartement (Södermannagatan 19). They sell cute homewear (by Hay, RoyalVKB, Lego, Roommate, ...).

The Gamla Stan area (the old center of Stockholm) is a bit more touristy, but there are some pretty nice shops anyway. The one I liked the best, besides all the very well stocked second hand stores, wasScandinavian Design. What's in a name? They sell brands like Muuto, Marimekko, Normann Copenhagen and the beautiful plaids of Pia Wallén.


We stayed in a beautiful apartment we found through AirBnB. It was the perfect solution for us because we were looking for a bit more freedom and space than in a regular hotelroom. Also the possibility to cook and to prepare your own breakfast is a plus.

Thank you Judith! Please visit Judith's website Joelix to learn more about her, her work andStudio Sapique.


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Marjon reporting from Stockholm


**Report by Marjon Hoogervorst

This year my friend Maaike and I choose to go to Stockholm… This was our destiny, because when we were in Copenhagen, I wanted to buy a book from that city. But when we pointed some nice things to do in the book later in the restaurant, I realised I had bought a City guide from another city: Stockholm (stupid!)…. So you understand: we had to go there now!!! So we did and please find here some tips my favorite shops!


And there we were in february 2010…. Brrr… It was minus 15 degrees, so it was too cold to take my camera out my bag most of the time…

The places we liked the most were Gamla Stan and the Sofo Area. Both areas have really nice little shops you must see!


Gamla Stan is the old town where the history from Stockholm starts... here you have lots of nice restaurants and cafe's to eat and to have lunch...


By Gooey Brand I bought a T-shirt for my son, which Milan shows here in a very special pose ;). These t-shirts are from 100% organic cotton and all designed and hand printed by Petra Busch. 

SOFO (in the Södermalm area) is the area with a lot of small shops from designers and passionated people who sells their beloved goods. 

For nice baby clothes, toys and special things for children, you have to go to Uni. The shop owner and designer is Erica Laurell, I love here style.  

At the Åsögatan most shops carry fashion with really beautiful collections!!! I like the Shoerepairshop the most… but as usual: this is also the most expensive shop…other ones i liked were matilda wendelboe and geronimo things

In one of these shops I bought a sheer cotton silk blouse with a cute ruffle on the back and rollup sleeves from loloandlulu.


Manos is a really nice shop from ceramist Karin Eriksson. Behind the shop is her atelier where she creates!  We bought here some special presents and souvenirs! 


In 6/5/4 you can buy some nice clothes, accessories and drink a cup of thea/coffee/smoothie at the bar.


I looooooooove chocolat, that’s why I wanted to drink a cup of hot chocolat in this shop: choklad fabriken. This was our last visit in the Sofo area, we went back to the central area: Norrmalm


In Norrmalm you have David and Martin. They are jewellerydesigners with a specific style born out their interests in art, movies, fashion and nature… In the future they’ll open a shop in Antwerp (Belgium)!!! 


As always in every blog and book they wrote it… you have to go to designhouse Stockholm! . This was our last shop we visited before we had to go and get the plane back to Amsterdam!


These are our shopping results we spread out on the bed in our hotel room! We stayed in the Hotel birger Yarl. On the left you see my buys were I wrote about (the tshirt from Gooey Brand, the red/white tshirt from Marimekko, the shoes I bought by Nilson, the happy socks by 6/5/4, the rabbits, the stone and the candle by Manos, special Stockholmtea at the Tea Center (Hornsgatan), eyeshadow…………… :)

..Photographer Marjon Hoogervorst


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