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2 posts categorized "South Africa"

Heather reporting from Capetown


Today...a completely different continent... Africa...more precisely...its south-tip... South Africa's Capetown...hometown of Heather from skinnylaminx...Heather and I met when Bloesem was still written in Dutch and she was practicing her Dutch by reading Bloesem and giving comments in Dutch...as you know, although two distinct languages, Afrikaans and Dutch are very much related...since then Heather and I have become close blog friends...I am very happy she is sharing her favorite Capetown finds with us...


"Just up the road from me is a charming little shop called Heartworks, run by Margaret Woermann. It’s a bright and colourful place, full of amazing things but very carefully put together so you can see it all.

Margaret travels all over South Africa, finding interesting craftwork that she can sell at Heartworks. As well as finding stock for the shop, she also want to find ways to nurture her relationship with the crafters she finds, in order for them to grow their business.

One of the ways she’s done this is by starting an embroidery group at her second shop at the Biscuit Mill in Salt River. Here, a group of ladies from all over Africa sit together and work at embroidery that gets made up into teddy bears, hearts, bags and pillows, to be sold in Heartworks… and all over the world!


Last year, Gap made a huge teddy bear order that got the embroidery groups’ fingers flying!

Through Heartworks, Margaret has boosted South African crafts immeasureably, and I hope that everyone visiting Cape Town will be sure to pop in to one of the three Heartworks stores in Kloof Street, at the Gardens Centre and at the Biscuit Mill.

{PS: I have posted an interview with Margaret at the Elle Deco blog, if you want to read more about this fantastic lady and her work.}

...and here is another great must-see-place when visiting Capetown according to Heather from SkinnyLaminx...
"Just down the road, in the opposite direction from Heartworks, is another very special place. It’s a small independent cinema called the Labia Cinema.

First built as a ballroom for the Italian embassy, the building was converted into a venue for live performances by the Princess Labia.

Now the Labia operates as a four screen cinema from its charmingly old-world premises in Orange Street, Gardens, and has recently built a new extension up the road on Kloof Street.

{click on image to enlarge}
I don’t remember when last I went to see a movie at one of the shopping mall cinemas. Those super-sized theaters simply can’t compete with a nighttime stroll down Kloof Street to the warmly-lit Labia lobby…

…buying a cardboard ticket from a roll from the lady in the booth…

…then getting a beer or a coffee from Harold at the bar…

… and grabbing a paper bag of popcorn from the Choc Bar…

…and letting long-time usher Christine tear your ticket before you take the lot inside the theater (and the beer too!).

The seats aren’t super-comfortable and the sound isn’t surround, but the atmosphere is impossible to synthesise. It’s the real thing, and it can’t be beat."...for more information please send Heather an email...

* * *SkinnyLaminx
* * *contact Heather

{originally posted on May 16, 2008}

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Kim reporting from Cape Town


In South Africa, one will hear the catch phrase, "Local is lekker!" a lot. (Lekker, an afrikaans word meaning Good, Enjoyable) I (=Kim) have focused on two socially aware stores that have used locals to create typically South African products. In the last Cape Town report for Bloesem, Heather Moore of Skinny laminx showed us around the city centre, so I decided to venture a little further out of the city.

A great centre for local arts and crafts is the Montebello Design Centre on Newlands Avenue. Mielie is one of the shops there empowering +- 50 people (mostly women) from underprivileged areas creating beautiful hand made products such as these bags out of recyclable materials.

You can read Adri's blog for more information. Another socially aware store that is easy to get your hands on product, as it's an online store, is Babazeka. Knysna based Sarah of Babazeka is helping groups like The Women of Vision by giving them some direction and advice as to what sells and how to market themselves etc. Here are some of their bags below.Capetown_2

Go to Babazeka to find more great product like these below and read their blog for more info. The one thing I love about  Babazeka is that not only are they educating and helping local suppliers, but their readers too.Capetown_3_2

Next venturing more towards shopping centres and fashion folk, is another Proudly South African Store called The Space. The Space houses South African Fashion Designers, one of them being well know S.A designer Colleen Eitzen. Here are some pics of the store below.Capetown_4


Blooms are in this summer and I just love this wire protea brooch.Capetown_6


love the quirky home wear nicknack's that can be found. There are some great gifts to be discovered here.

On to one of my favourite stores, a local store but with more of a French Flare is L' Orangerie. This little store in Newlands, Kildare Rd holds many a ristic-chic kitchen, bath or lounge "Must have".Capetown_8

Capetown_9These champagne flutes are a reason in themselves to celebrate! Such striking elegance. Capetown_10

I have given and received some of these beautiful soaps in wonderful fragrances like spice, lavender and green tea.Capetown_11This rounds up some of my favourite S.A shops and I hope you do give them a visit if you are in South Africa.

* * * Kim from Kim Gray

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