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Colonel in Paris


It always starts with the Front and here it already looks amazing, my favorite color blueish grey ... so the rest is probably good too ... what am I talking about... well a shop in Paris called Colonel that I have marked as a must-visit next time I am going to Europe.


In 2010 Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet met each other while sipping cocktails and the rest is history ... a beautiful collection lamps from their own brand and a beautiful brick and mortar shop carrying other great brands like HAY too. 


I shared some more images on BKids the other day. 








All images by Colonel


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a trip to d’une île


{Photo: by Studio Aandacht for Trend Tablet}

Not Sure if you are already planning your summer vacation ... believe most of you are covered in snow right now ... and I can only imagine this being a lot of fun ... but if you are longing for somehting warmer then start taking a vritual trip to France with me today ... I just discovered this amazing place in the middle of nowwhere where two former city slickers have gone back to 'the beginnins' ... 

Amsterdam couple Michel Mulder and Sofie Sleumer invite you to visit  their d ’ u n e   î l e ... only an hour and a half away from Paris. Medieval cottages, each interior uniquely designed, exquisite food and beverages and the soothing simplicity of nature. 

Ben and Tatjana from Studio Aandacht went to visit the couple last summer and luckily for us they took some beautiful pics for us ...         [MORE PICS after the break]



Studio_Aandacht_DUNEILE_15 DUNEILE_france2 DUNEILE  








What are you waiting for ... go visit the website and make some bookings!

..d ’ u n e   î l e
..Studio Aandacht
..More images over at Trend Tablet



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Lily reporting from Paris

Lily Descazeaux from the very beautiful and inspiring French blog les Carnets du design ... lives very near the Montmartre area and in the image above you can see the view from her window...

I would like first of all thank Irene for having me on Bloesem it's a true honor. Bloesem is one of my favorite blog on the internet planet!
"I live for twelve years at the bottom of Montmartre. I love this area which is like a village; When you start to go up the hill you left the noisy and restless Paris behind you. At the bend of each small streets there is a surprise, beautiful houses hidden in privates passages, artists workshops , new shops, galleries and when you reach the top of the hill there is the extraordinary view of Paris. Below, second hand trade on Place des Abbesses last weekend.

Near la Place des Abbesses there is a well-known boutique that I love called,  Spree, Roberta and Bruno have create it six years ago.  They develop their concept : mixing a selection of fashion designers, design furnitures from the 50’s till the 80’s and contemporary artists. Spree is a boutique gallery who shows the passions, influences and voyages of Roberta and Bruno. In the same street Rue La Vieuville there is this empty shop "papiers peints" which means wallpapers.I like these surprising colors.


{Tienda Esquipulas}
Rue Houdon, going down to Place Pigalle there are two small shops of decoration. I buy lots of candles, among other things, to Anna. Tienda Esquipulas is an ethnic and trade fair boutique, colourful handicrafts and folk arts of Guatemala, Mexico and Latin America. Cosi Loti is a pretty new shop where you can find low prices small decorative items.

The shop "Zut!" Means "Damn!" An insolent name after a former cafe in the Ravignan street, frequented by Picasso. In 1903, this lair of anarchists was closed by the police after a brawl. Its owner, Frederic Gerard, founded then "Le Lapin Agile "  well known literary cabaret. I love that kind of stories, it's really typical from Montmartre. Today, Zut! is the lair of industrial items. Frederic Daniel find for you a selection of stools, studio chairs, racks, luminaries, wall lamps, enameled or ceramic hanging lamps, medical lampposts, old-time filmmaking lighting equipment, factory, train station or bell tower time clocks. Zut! is a real cabinet of curiosities, hétéroclite and baroque. Below,here is the Place Charles Dullin whith le Théatre de l'Atelier surrounded by restaurants.
On la rue d’Orsel, Christine Diegoni specialist furniture from the 30's and 50's, opened her first space twenty years ago, a few years later she took on a second space and a third. She proposes in her gallery original pieces by Andre Bloch, George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, and Gino Sarfatti, that collectors appreciate. Below, Boulevard Rochechouart, today most of the workshops have been converted into apartments.


This could be the place where you probably dream to live, like me. With its form of emphasis, this avenue, is one of the most mysterious of Paris. First, because it is hidden behind a gate rue Victor Masse (No. 24) controled by a code. If you arrive to come in, once inside, you are somewhere else. Along the cobbled street, magnificent Gothic-style houses where lived Regine Crespin, Django Reinhardt, who burned his furniture for firewood, the workshop of Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir father and son and today Jean-Paul Gaultier. A peaceful place just behind Pigalle.
Perrine Rousseau is a very young talented designer. She has the most incredible workshop in the district of La Goutte d'Or. She creates fabric collections, that she weaves herself with natural fibers from organic agriculture. A rare approach. You can commissioned household linen, cushions, tablecloths, etc. ... she has also an industrial line which is cheaper and can be ordered also from her studio. I will write a note for her new collection soon on my blog.

This is an interesting building, Le Floors, a former printing plant which was turned on three levels in restaurant, few month ago. For having a brunch I prefer walk on the other side of Montmartre at the restaurant Just Be with the two charming new owners. The decoration and dishes are simply very nice.
{Restaurant l'Eté en Pente Douce}
Last few images from Montmartre, I like the name of this restaurant below; L'Eté en Pente Douce means Summer Gently Sloping. I hope you enjoyed to share with me my favorite places. A bientôt...Lily..."


Thank you Lily for showing us your favorite spots, next time I visit Paris I will definetly bring this guide!

* * * les Carnets du design
* * * contact Lily

{originally posted in 2008}

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