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Sandy reporting from Bangkok

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 by Irene Hoofs


**report written by Sandy from the Cookie Cutter

If you live in this part of the world, you might have visited Bangkok over a long weekend or for a short getaway. Due to the proximity, I’m fortunate to have visited this vibrant city quite a number of times. Recent trips this year saw me steering away from the usual shopping haunts and street food (they are still awesome, of course). I've been uncovering interesting cafes with beautiful decor that are off the beaten tracks. I’m happy to be sharing two of my favourites from my recent sojourn with you.


Away from the maddening traffic and smell of deep fried street hawker food, I discovered a little oasis called Parden Cafe & Zakka. Helmed by a friendly Japanese lady who has made Bangkok her home, this cafe is such a gem I almost wanted to keep it under wraps! Once inside, I forgot temporarily that I was in Bangkok.


Parden4  Library1  Library4

Mismatched tables, chairs and furniture look like they’ve been put together effortlessly yet the overall feel is so cohesive. Little zakka pieces dot the room adding to a homely feel. 


There is a corner in the cafe where zakka and household items are being sold. As soon as I made my food order, I hoped over to see what I could spend my baht on. 


Speaking of food, this place serves the most authentic Japanese cafe food I’ve ever had outside of Japan. Needless to say, I left a most satisfied customer after thanking the lady boss in my broken Japanese. 


In my attempts to uncover these quaint cafes, I often find myself wandering down lanes with construction, run down shops, residential buildings... And then I start wondering if I’m lost. But if I trudged on long enough, suddenly, I would find it right there in the midst of other totally unrelated buildings/shops.



Library was no exception. I was so glad I did not give up as I was rewarded with a charming little cafe. Warm lighting and soft music made my experience a cozy one.


I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful wooden furniture that filled the space. A large book shelf functions as a divider and it is filled with books including English ones.


So you are free to sip on your drink of choice and read a book. Isn’t this what traveling should be like? Relax and experience life.


* Parden Cafe & Zakka; The Manor 2F  Sukhumvit soi 39, closed on Tue
* Library; Sukhumvit soi 24

Thank you for this information and the images  Sandy from the Cookie Cutter

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