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Marjon reporting from Copenhagen

Tuesday, 22 February 2011 by Irene Hoofs


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**Report by Marjon Hoogervorst

At the beginning of 2009 Maaike and I went to Copenhagen. Basicly we are only interested in shopping and eating. So you won't get any advise from me for cultural/architectural happenings! 
We started with the regular centre of the town where you have beautiful shops... First we had a delicious lunch at the very stylish Kafunky with great design, food and coffee (at the corner at Gammel Torv)(it is a little bit emty because we were early and hungry): 



I love the HAY shop when we talk about the design stores. Here you find nice design souvenirs to take home (I bought The Apehanger from OurChildrensGorilla  for my little son) and also beautiful pillows, furniture, carpets, .... And this lamp... i'm in love with it for two years now:

We walked in the area Norrebro and Vesterbro. These nice areas contains a lot of nice shops from upcoming artists and designers.


As usual we started with a smoothy and a muffin in this cafe ...

in the same street of Mayol (Blågårdsgade 5) , where I bouht my gray bag. (Everybody compliments my bag so it was a good buy!)


Istedgade is a street with great fahion shops, cozy cafes and cheap, yet good, restaurants. In the middle of the street you find Donn Ya Doll a women's clothing shop always upfront, but the many interior decoration shops of Istedgade are worth a visit as well! There I bought a really nice "dress" from FROKS ! The artists sew their clothes also in the back of the shop... 


Around the corner of the Istedgade. We drunk thea and eat very good handmade cake in this very cosey Thearoom where I don't know the name from. This is not my style, but very sweat!:


These are our shopping results we spread out on the ugly bed in our (ugly) hotelroom! On the left you see my buys were I wrote about (the gray bag from Mayol, the Apehanger and the skirt from FROKS):


This is the streetlife on sunday! Young parents park their pram in front of the cafe and go inside with their babies! Very nice!


We were there for three days and had to end our weekend on sunday with a boattrip because we didn't see anyting about the Christianshavn... 


During the boattrip we saw beautiful houses built on boats... like these: (I want to look inside!!!! ;)


And a few pic's from the Nyhavn where we went for a lunch befor we take or plane back...


..Marjon Hoogervorst

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