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PerfectBound reporting from Winnipeg

Monday, 11 October 2010 by Irene Hoofs


Hi all...some of you already had a sneak peek at PerfectBound reporting from Winnipeg a few days ago...but then they disappeared again...sorry... all my fault...came down with a fever or something while still in the Netherlands (must have been the weather)...and therefore could not write a proper introduction for these two wonderful ladies... Julie & Kathryn...their blog is PerfectBound...I love PerfectBound... always beautifully styled, sleek and very clean... a feast for the eyes and great fun to read too... their home base is Winnipeg in Canada...and by the way... I am back in KL... touched down yesterday early in the morning... feeling a bit better... still on anti-biotics for a few more days unfortunately...we had a good time in the Netherlands...but it is even better to be back home again... so... everything is back to normal again I guess on Bloesem... very much looking forward to catching up with all of you and this week we can all enjoy geust posts from Denmark, San Francisco, Germany and Amsterdam...

PerfectBound reporting from Winnipeg.."Something Special in Our City: Hoopers Bazaar
Hoopers Bazaar is one of our favourite shops in Winnipeg. It is filled with retro fashions and home furnishings from the 50's, 60's and 70's. On any given day you are bound to find lovely danish decor and vintage accessories. The owners have done such a great job creating fun vignettes throughout the store, it makes you want to take every piece home!
We are lucky to have a shop like this here in Winnipeg. It seems that many open but few survive for very long. Recently moving to a new location in what's known as the Exchange District, Hoopers is surrounded by lots of great clothing boutiques and cafes. It is located in a corner suite of a heritage building, which adds to its
Whenever we visit, there are always great new additions to the shop, which makes it fun to keep going back. Not only are there amazing home furnishings, but also a wide selection of retro inspired clothing. So if you are ever in Winnipeg, we highly recommend you stop in at Hoopers. We bet you'll find something you just can't live without!"

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{originally posted in May 2008}

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