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Maditi reporting from Traunstein, Germany

Monday, 11 October 2010 by Irene Hoofs

We're almost at the end of the Bloesem World Tour in May...but the tour wouldn't be perfect without making a stop in Germany at my dear friend Maditi, who has been my blog friend from the beginning of Bloesem...Maditi lives in a little village called Traunstein and the artist she would like to introduce us to is a her own very talented and creative sister Eva...'talent' obviously runs in the family...Maditi herself is well-known for her beautiful photographs and she is a 'polaroid specialist'!


:: meine schwester eva - my sister eva ::

"I live in a city called Traunstein, situated in the province of Bavaria, in the southeastern corner of Germany.
My home is surrounded by lakes and mountains and I enjoy capturing its beauty in my photography.

When it comes to art and design though, it can be challenging collecting ideas or finding visual input in my hometown. My main personal inspiration is my sister Eva. She has an ecclectic taste in design and is an avid collector of vintage ceramics. You can see some of her finds on her blog here. Eva has modeled for many of my polaroids and her vintage objects are frequently featured in my still life photography.

Recently I photographed a series for "Lines and Shapes" Vol. 2 using only some of her geometric and bold colored thrifted treasures."
I admire Eva's style and hope you will also enjoy some of the things she likes:
:: wood art by Ernst Gamperl 
:: ceramic design by Lubna Chowdhary
:: vintage design furniture at demosmobilia
:: Copenhagen Street Style
:: avant-garde fashion photography
:: photography by Dirk Mueggenburg

* * *Maditi's blog
* * *Maditi Photography

{orginally posted on May 29, 2008}

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