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Bloesem living | Tuesday tales with DREAM - black marble table by Knoll       Bloesem living | Tuesday tales with DREAM - black marble table by Knoll

While I was living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a few years back, during my trips to Singapore I would always make a trip down to the beautiful DREAM showroom along River Valley Road. I even collaborated with Design Milk in the past to write a report about DREAM. So it seems that it has come full circle now that I will be working together with one of my favourite shops here. A gorgeous showroom to walk into, you can find alot of contemporary designs there. I really enjoy that they carry brands like Autoban but also more new and emerging designers, such as accessories from smaller brands like Ladies and Gentleman.

I have shared a few images on Instagram of the new black and white home that now houses my family as well as the Bloesem studio.. this space keep evolving and changing as everyone in the family and studio gets settled in. Furniture pieces are constantly being moved around but the time came recently to add a new piece to the redecorated Bloesem office space so the first and most obvious choice was to start with a nice table to work on. As the Bloesem team is currently in collaboration with DREAM, I thought it would be nice to work from one of the tables they carried.

So I welcomed this black marble beauty from Knoll into the space.. and what a beauty it is! Marble is truly having it's moment now and in this black colour it is simply stunning.. great for impromptu prop photoshoots as well. What can I say, marble is just the perfect backdrop for getting creative.

I am extremely happy that a design blog like Bloesem can work with a company like DREAM that shares the same passion for contemporary design and exquisitely-designed furniture like the Bloesem team. It is definitely a dream come true, no pun intended. 

In the following months leading up to Christmas, look forward to our Tuesday Tales with DREAM. Bloesem will be working closely with DREAM to organize a few events, more interior design related posts and even designing our very first window display. We'll also be going more in-depth into designers.

We are eager to start on this new creative journey and we'll be bringing you along for the ride! Every tuesday we'll be sharing something new in our collaboration with DREAM, whether it's interior styling, designer features or even event invites (stay tuned!), we promise a design-centric fun time! Hopefully you'll get to see the rest of the finished new Bloesem home very soon too!


Bloesem living | Tuesday tales with DREAM - black marble table by Knoll

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