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BloesemKids is live!

Friday, 21 December 2007 by Irene Hoofs

BloesemKids is open! Just about a year ago I wrote a similar line for Bloesem, the beginning of a rollercoaster year…both for me and my family…just moved to Toronto but already making plans to move to Asia….starting my own design blog…as I am sure I told you before…Bloesem brought together all my passions and is very much a part of who I am…ever since launching Bloesem…and just having become a mom myself…the idea of devoting a special blog to kids started to develop…I wasn’t quite sure yet what it should look like or the contents…just that it should be about cool stuff for kids…not a laundry list of products you can buy for your kids…but more like a carefully put together selection…cherry picking…among everything that is available which can be quite overwhelming sometimes…so B:Kids will set out to do just that…help you navigate and give inspiration….of course totally influenced by my own taste and ideas….
I am hoping that B:Kids will be the first thing on your mind when looking for an original gift for your friend’s first baby or just to browse… and day dream about redecorating your childs room…B:Kids should be a fun and colorful place to spend some on-line time…for me B:Kids will also very much be a learning experience… only having been a mom for just over a year… there is so much more to explore…and enjoy where it comes to kids’ products… and rest assure the posts on B:Kids will not be as longwinded as this one…but rather short introductions and some quick thoughts…so more space for beautiful images!

Needless to say…this Bloesem will of course continue…so Monday it will be business as usual so please come back for some great posts just before Christmas!

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