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Category: Dutch Designer

Jurianne Matter

Monday, 10 December 2012 by Irene Hoofs


{Photography: Marjon Hoogervorst ~ Words: Sandra Jacobs }

Face-to-face: a designer's profile with Jurianne Matter of Jurianne Matter, Paper Design from Holland


Jurianne lives with Peter and sons Eise and Brecht in an early 60s link house in a pitoresque village in the Netherlands.

If you look out your window you see

Green! Always green, everywhere. That's what makes this place special. While the view into my garden may not be extensive, it is not blocked by any houses.

What do you prefer to do when you get home?

Well, to be honest, I am always working when I am at home. Somehow my work and private life have always merged. For me the most precious time at home is Sunday mornings. Getting up early and starting my day with an espresso and newspaper when everyone is still asleep, I end up blogging and ‘pinteresting’ in my office. Still a bit of work! Once everyone wakes up, I make Sunday breakfast (with fruit shakes and eggs). Then the men in my house basically disappear to do their thing – I guess that is what happens when raising two adolescent sons...

My workroom feels like a (custom made) coat. Compact, small, with a door that can be closed! It’s also necessary because I am easily distracted. I only put music on when I'm ironing, driving, or designing. 



Are your designs in your own home?

No, not really. Except for my little lanterns, which are in the kitchen and now it is almost Christmas of course my Angels and Circles are in the Christmas tree. When I am done with a new design, I really need to take a break from it. In the beginning of the designing process, I am totally in love with my new design, and I dive in all the way. Because of that it takes a while after the production before I find it beautiful again. Partly because I first have to get positive feedback. I’m quite insecure about my designs. It is always scary what people might think of your work. 

What do you take from your house if you could bring 1 thing?

My teapot by Jens Quistgaard. Tea is really my cup of comfort. And the original Pierre Paulin chair. It is so fantastic. I am very attached to it. It's been a family heirloom and has been in our home for 10 years now. I remember as a toddler I literally lived in this chair.

Was there ever a moment while growing up when you thought: yes, I’m going to be a designer?

Actually, I wanted to be a conductor for a large orchestra or an inventor of “Beautiful Things”. I used to make funny machines from cardboard. People who inserted a coin, could pull a lever and received a sweet little surprise out of my machine. I was not the type of person with any technical abilities but somehow I managed to make it work. Especially constructing the idea for it to work attracted me to. That “design-way-of-thinking” is what I really like to do. I am also the ultimate late bloomer. I always wanted to study languages (did that for 2 years); my parents wanted me to study performing arts, but the thought was too scary for me. I was the first student to enroll in the Artemis academy program. I felt like that training was made for me. 



What would you like to change in your home?

I only wish it was three times bigger, nothing else. It has lots of natural light, it is green and modern. The location is top notch. We are close to the moor, and I'm only 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. I am happy with the social coherence around here, a very close-knit neighborhood, really like a village.

Where do you want to live in the next 10 years? What would your dream house look like?

More to the east of the Netherlands (where I come from). I would love to live in a big 60s bungalow that was designed by some well-known architect, with high ceilings, wooden panels and slate floors.



Who is your model / hero / favorite designer?

Tineke Beunders of Ontwerpduo. She is such a nice person. She stays true to herself (she doesn't look in magazines or read blogs) and transforms her ideas seemingly without effort to materials or design. I admire her confidence! Scholten and Baijings are in my mind genuine trendsetters. This whole new neon trend? I think they were the first! And Sabien Engelenburg (Engel.) Everything about Sabien and her work is very real. I admire her for the efforts she puts into her business and very importantly: she shares her knowledge.

What is a negative trait of yours where you have the most bothering you?

The cozy chaos in my head. I should really try my best to focus. I am very easily distracted by my business, by my phone, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. I should lock myself up in my room. My room must be ‘clear’ with no noise and then I can design. I also suffer from perfectionism. Creating a better or more beautiful design. It's a tricky characteristic to have, but also a good one at times. Fortunately, there is always a moment when I say to myself “this is the best I can do for now and under these circumstances.” That turning point in my mind is sacred to me. Only then I can accept that my work is good. It doesn’t matter to me, if in a month’s time I think “what on earth was I thinking when I picked that color?”




What are you inspired by? Did you put a favorite blog or website where you can enjoy watching?

Mainly by nature, by northern European traditions and folklore, and by people who are craft masters. I am also fond of Midcentury Modern design (especially ceramics). I get inspired by large and small museum. Just by looking around. I find lots of inspiration on the Internet via Pinterest (want to know me? Look at my Pinterest boards) and through BloesomModern Findings,Handmade Charlotte and magazines such as Elle Decoration UK.


Jurianne Matter's collection is available at BijzonderMooi ~ in Dutch in English


..Jurianne Matter

..all images by Vorstin


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