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Gifts for your walls...prints/poster/art


1.  Prints by Maria Elina
2. Courtyard garden by Gretchen mist
3.  Wonder by Dana Oldfather at Little Paper Planes
4.  Mapping by Alyson Fox
5.  Departure Lounge 1971 by inaluxe
6.  Community chorus by Hollie Chastain
7.  Balance by Wendy Marchbanks for the Working Proof 
8.  Alika Cooper Print at Little Paper Planes
9.  Sky Pack print by oh my cavalier
10. Paris is a feeling by Irene Suchocki
11. Hills by Leah Duncan
12. romantic fashion papercut by the time is now


13.  blue jays by bee things
14.  Hello Original Painting by Lisa Congdon
15.  Home Print by Judy Kaufmann
16.  Dreams are my reality by Ana Ventura
17.  Ben Javens for the Working Proof
18.  Cloud color drops and pattern by LittleBlueDay
19.  streetscape wall art by k-studio
20. Poolside by Grant Hamilton
21. Manor Garden silkscreen print by Mengsel
22. Tap Dancer by burnish brush art studio
23.  Birch Tree and Deer by ink+wit
24.  Wishful by Susan Schwake


Gifts for the Living Room


1.  Vase bois & grès at ¿adónde?
2.  Muuto Restore Storage Basket at Huset
3.  Spout Tpot small by Paige Russell
4.  Vase by Elizabeth Robinson at the claystudio
5.  Moderne wood "bear" by uusi
6.  Excel Desk Lamp by roll and hill
7.  Wooly kussen37 by vanSan
8.  Distortion candlestick by Paul Loebach at areaware
9.  Tray Circus at designista
10. Floresta Bowl No. 11 by sometimes she does
11. coasters from cocoon
12. design stool by Snodevormgevers


13.  pillows by jessica Nielsen
14.  Donna Wilson Bird Nest Soup Tray at Safari
15.  Pendant lamp by chenkarlsson
16.  Pillows from Jane Foster
17.  Linen Hang Tag HAPPY by indobay inc.
18.  canvas shopper at the lime shop
19.  "Joker" playing card deck by Binth
20. Ferm living pouf pouf at Huset
21. Floor pillow by Sharon Slingeneyer
22. Birger et Mikkelsen Day Scent Room Spray 
23.  Pillows by Ook in het Paars
24.  China bowl from McCheek's Mayhem at clay wood and cotton