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Handmade Gifts for the Home

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1.   Felt Kitchen Scales by sewn by blythe
2.  Angle shelf by ALS designs
3.  Surprise Ball at Kiosk
4.  Caravan bread board by snug
5.   Stop Wars wall Sticker by motif-art-deco
6.   Triangles pillow by Be Still
7.   Brooches by Naomi Murell
8.   The Backpack by Moop
9.   She Doll no.14 by Stiksel
10. Alphabet by Bookhou
11.  Leica Camera Brooch by craftyfolk
12.  Tranquil Morning by theaterclouds


13.  Bear Plush at Renegade Handmade
14.  Small Hanging Vertical Pod Wall Vase by Wendy Jung
15.  Lambswool Tree Cushion by Sarah Karr
16.  Cup Stars and Stripes by Lenneke Wispewey
17.  Love House by my house party
18.  Wooden Flying Wall Ducks at
19.  Ceramics by Yasha Butler
20. Eep cushion by SkinnyLaminx
21.  Handmade clutch by Oktak
22. Mummysam tape
23.  Lavender Sachet by linotte
24.  Doily Wall Clock  at Domestica 


25.  M is for magazine by paperdollwoodshop
26.  Tile Coasters Set of Four by craftyluna
27.  Gold Pin-on Bow Ribbon Brooch by My Fair Lady 
28.  Papercut Print by elsita
29.  Bella 22K GP Headband by Tamar
30. Circle Map Wood Box by the harbingerco 
31.  Original Wrist Worms by Sandra Juto
32.  tea towels by julie peach
33.  Pebbles Wools Felt Rug by Krita
34.  Yoda Pear white plush home decor by La Pomme
35.  smiths please please please by chez sucre chez
36.  Zen votive candle holder leaf at Manos 



Gifts for your walls...prints/poster/art


1.  Prints by Maria Elina
2. Courtyard garden by Gretchen mist
3.  Wonder by Dana Oldfather at Little Paper Planes
4.  Mapping by Alyson Fox
5.  Departure Lounge 1971 by inaluxe
6.  Community chorus by Hollie Chastain
7.  Balance by Wendy Marchbanks for the Working Proof 
8.  Alika Cooper Print at Little Paper Planes
9.  Sky Pack print by oh my cavalier
10. Paris is a feeling by Irene Suchocki
11. Hills by Leah Duncan
12. romantic fashion papercut by the time is now


13.  blue jays by bee things
14.  Hello Original Painting by Lisa Congdon
15.  Home Print by Judy Kaufmann
16.  Dreams are my reality by Ana Ventura
17.  Ben Javens for the Working Proof
18.  Cloud color drops and pattern by LittleBlueDay
19.  streetscape wall art by k-studio
20. Poolside by Grant Hamilton
21. Manor Garden silkscreen print by Mengsel
22. Tap Dancer by burnish brush art studio
23.  Birch Tree and Deer by ink+wit
24.  Wishful by Susan Schwake


Gifts for the Living Room


1.  Vase bois & grès at ¿adónde?
2.  Muuto Restore Storage Basket at Huset
3.  Spout Tpot small by Paige Russell
4.  Vase by Elizabeth Robinson at the claystudio
5.  Moderne wood "bear" by uusi
6.  Excel Desk Lamp by roll and hill
7.  Wooly kussen37 by vanSan
8.  Distortion candlestick by Paul Loebach at areaware
9.  Tray Circus at designista
10. Floresta Bowl No. 11 by sometimes she does
11. coasters from cocoon
12. design stool by Snodevormgevers


13.  pillows by jessica Nielsen
14.  Donna Wilson Bird Nest Soup Tray at Safari
15.  Pendant lamp by chenkarlsson
16.  Pillows from Jane Foster
17.  Linen Hang Tag HAPPY by indobay inc.
18.  canvas shopper at the lime shop
19.  "Joker" playing card deck by Binth
20. Ferm living pouf pouf at Huset
21. Floor pillow by Sharon Slingeneyer
22. Birger et Mikkelsen Day Scent Room Spray 
23.  Pillows by Ook in het Paars
24.  China bowl from McCheek's Mayhem at clay wood and cotton


PaperGood Gifts


1.  Tori pooch from upon a fold
2.  Mechanical Animals-animal paper dolls from ohmycavalier
3. Japanese Christmas masking tape from PaperMash
4.  Transparent Graphic Sticker, Ver.01 "Festival" from MMMG
5.  Little Things Notebooks from hellojenuine
6.  Handmade address file from lovely mailorder
7.  Jacinta paper earrings from Essimar
8.  Confetti cards from Tokketok
9.  Mulberry paper ornaments available at upon a fold
10. Blom Paper flowers from Jurianne Matter 
11. Leftover food notepad set by the smallobject
12. Schuifbeesten from LaatMijMaarSchuiven


13.  Day of the Week clip set from Susyjack
14.  Hello and Goodbey cards from Mrs. Elliot books
15.  Street Style Memory Game
16.  Tea Ceremony Eraser Set from Ginko Papers
17.  Red garland Correspondence Cards from linea carta
18.  Alchemic Notebooks - 02. I'm Rainbow from studio Fludd 
19.  Writeable Cheese Markers from peppersproutdesigns
20. An Apple a Day calendar available at Felt&Wire shop
21. A sectional globe with which you can experience the earth’s configuration from Driil-design 
22. Sheep Puppet from Animal Poetry 
23.  Random thoughts journal from Sub-Studio
24.  Waterspouts and Chimney Tops Perpetual Calendar by Lisa DeJohn


25. Deer party cards by the light garden
26. Bunch of Kids in cardboard by zoe de las cases
27. Love Tree journal by fric de mentol
28. Paris bookmarks by Irene Suchocki
29. Jotters, set of 4 notebooks by Loop
30. Thorn notepad by Binth
31. Fall color bookmarks by abby try again
32. Deer mini notes by Ink&Wit
33. Folky 2011 calendar print by junecraft
34. London city Map by Famille Summerbelle
35. Good to Know series by Pikaland
36. Identical twins print by Judy Kaufmann



Bedroom gifts

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1.  Nova Meadow bedding by isak
3.  'Ampoule Phosphorescente' bedding available at serendipity
4.  Quirky heirloom throw available at anthropologie 
5.   Bow Tie Wall Hanger by Tanja Soeter
6.  Dayglo and Linen Twin Quilt by Carrie Strine
7.  Wall-mount rack by crow wing woodworks
8.   Jungle cats wallpaper by Aimee Wilder
9.  Housse de coussin Bill&Bill
10. House Shoes
11. Pomegranate tree design by roddy and ginger
12. chik-a-dee smoke dectector


13.  Drowing Apple Hanger from Japanese shop GG
14.  Poster, Only You Can Make It Happen, from Therese Sennerholt design shop.
15.  BabyRaven Clothing hanger by Ingibjorg Hanna Bjarnadottir
16.  Deer junior bedlinen by Nord
17.  Deluxe Hook Bird on Branch
18.  Puka Puka Mobile
19.  Pillow Case covers from Love Loans + Linen
20. Hashish Candle available at Nest Dallas
21. Back in Time Radio/Alarm Clock
22. Le Petit Dej' Breakfast Tray in Yellow ByWhite available at A+R shop
23. Jonathan Adler Love Jar available at Domestica
24. Felted grey wool bowl with ring by Hold


Gifts to Wear

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1.  Hover necklace - sterling silver group of round circles pendant by Blue Hour Design
2.  Casas Scarf  brick red by Saturno
3.  Locket Earrings by Paper Treasure
4.  Etui golden piggie Keecie
5.  knopfring by xs-m-l
6.  Pebbles leather necklace in brown by Paeriaarre
7.  Roberu Compact Leather Camera Strap
8.  Bracelet multi mini tassels by a little hamster
9.  Techni Colour Pansy Bracelet
1o. Handwoven Cotton and Brass Necklace by For Me, For You
11. Handmade eco-friendly hemp fabric purse
12. Chrysanthemum Ring in Azure


13.  Fifi Lapin Brooch Pin No.3 - The chiffon dress
14.  Tiny pompom candy15 by tiny toadstool
15.  Fake watch bracelet with elastic watchband
16. Wooden beads necklaces from Kristina Klarin
17. Colour wheel necklace
18. Pom poms in soft green by the vamoose
19. Arrows Stud Earrings by Liam of York
20. Apple Brooch by Naomi Murrel
21. Swarovski bling plasters
22. Wildflower porcelain Hair Pins in Red RedRaven
23. Little Vixen Necklace by Joanna Rutter
24. Sleepy Stray Kitty Eye Mask



Vintage Gifts

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1.  Lucienne Day mezzanine for heals pillows by Jane Foster
2.  Dansk Kobenstyle enamel sauce pot, made in France at the Wild Plum
3.  Tree trunk clock at Hindsvik
4.  Print by Jillian Field serigraph no.3 at ModishVintage
5.  Vintage Kodak Automatic 8 .. 8mm Movie Camera from TheFancyLamb
6.  Vintage Finel minstrels and maidens ritari medieval bowl from StylinRecyclin
7.  Wall plaque designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg 1950's from modernity
8.  Set of three fifties dining chairs.
9.  Wooden toy Monkey Kaj Bojesen from 1956 at retrohome
10. 1970's Samsonite Winter Ivory Train case
11.  Vintage junior typewriter, 'Lilliput' model produced in the 1960s at hisforhome
12. 1970's Sugarplum wrap skirt from clevernettVintage_part2

13.  Industrial desk file organizer in metal from ShopGoodGrace
14.  Cathrineholm avocado green and white lotus fondue set with Forks from the Wild Plum
15.  retro tv from made by GUP
16.  A-104 cooler from alltheluckintheworld
17.  MOD Globe from sweetshorn
18.  Long plastic pink necklace at lydiasvintage
19.  Two West Germany vases available at Hindvisk
20. 50's modernist gooseneck yellow metal desk lamp at tricode
21. Retro super graphic green & red tubes from Retro Age vintage fabrics
22. Ericsson Ericofon Sweden vintage Retro Dial Telephone on EBay
23. Retro-set table in teak at Retro-again
24.  Teak desk set from hiandlomodern




Gifts for the Kitchen

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1.  Planche à snacker ou à découper from Caroline et Geraldine
2.  Roosters tea towels by Mengsel
3.  Small Viking melamine plate by Herzensart available at Peanut and Pip
4.  Doubleface by PostFossil
5.  Silicone set of spatulas available at Huset
6.  Petit four cups by Lenneke Wispelwey
7.  Rolling pin by Kathleen Hills available at Bodie&Fou
8.  Dinnertray blue by Tas-ka
9.  Beige linen napkin with pink bird by rose palate
10. Heirloom recipe card box by Rifle Paper & co
11. Containers from Urban Butik available at Perch
12. Tea towel from indo bay textiles


13.  Spoons by lara de greef
14.  3 Totes with vegetables print by Pawling
15.  Serrote
16.  In good company Siirtolapuutarha tea cup from Marimekko
17.  Containers by Lubna Chowdhardy
18.  "Ruth M" Medium Pitcher by Anna Black
19.  You are Loved wall decal by Shanna Murray
20. La Cuillère Anglaise by Reine Mere
21. Tray folding stand available at le Souk
22. Slow Cooker by Margriet Foolen
23.  58 degree salt & pepper by Normann Copenhagen
24.  Cookie stamp available at




Gifts for the Office

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1.  Modern Felt iPad Sleeve from byrd and belle
2.  Is it a notebook? Is it a portfolio? It’s both a notefolio! from yankodesign
3.  Landscape Stamp Set from Yellow Owl Workshop
4.  Desk lamp by TAF Architects available at Finnish design shop
5.  Caderno Tablecloth Notebook No.2 by Serrote
6.  Vintage Manual Typewriter available at AMradio
7.  Paper Pencils - Stop Global Warming from Upon a Fold
8.  The Cozy Cuff is a reusable coffee cup sleeve that doubles as a bracelet from cozycuff
9.  Cube Notes Calendar from the '70s from Present and Correct
10. The Midnight Lovers Giclee Print from inaluxe
11. Mixed Bag Office Goodies from OliveManna
12. 'Its OK' Forever Wood Piece available at little paper planes



13.  Tree Double décimètre from Reine Mere
14.  Twice Twice Clock in Walnut by Jonas Damon available at shophorne
15.  Personalized Mouse Pads from Very Inviting
16.  Wooden Stamp set, Love Mail, from kikki-k
17.  Tweet Together Birdy Paper Clips available at shop ruche
18.  2011 Monthly Planner  in black available at Ginko Papers.
19.  Happy Desk Amigos Kangaroo available at lama designs
20.  The messenger Bag by Moop
21.  Colorful Keychain Holders from Cucampre
22.  The Desile folding Chair from Vange
23.  Leaf-it post-its availeble at Designboom
24.  The Cartolina iPhone app for sending beautiful messages to your friends