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Gifts to Wear


1. Over My Head  by Kelly Awewe                             7. polymer clay cylinder beads by notTuesday

2. Lolie envelope clutch by BagatellesAndCo             8. Chrysanthemum ring by Murdock design

3. design knit wear by Nikki Gabriel                           9. Earth&Sky by stoneandhoney and satsuma press

4. Anchor Brooch at Finelittleday                             10. Set of Two Bobby Pins at freena

5. Golden-brown silk scarf at the French therapy       11. Bear brooches at ememem

6. Dragonfly ring at studio mhl                                 12TeddyFish canvas bags


14. Geometric Earrings by Juniper Berry                       20. Bronte skirt by La Casita de Wendy

15. Artsy tattoos at Tattly                                            21. Earrings from recycled wood by Scoops design

16. Necklaces at the Merry Mishap Shop                      22. Baby Doll fake watch by Misakomimoko

17. Iced Blush Lambskin Leather by Opelle Creative      23. Wrist Worm by Sandra Juto

18. Vintage Brass Cubes by ememem                           24. Forest diamonds by design furs heim

19. Forage Bow Ties by Somethingishidinginthere          25. Wear Neon by BKids



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I love #7 and #14, they're both so simple, almost handmade in simplicity, but in a very very cool sort of way! In #7, it's so cool how there's only three colors utilized in the pallet, and as a result, it really gives the design more impact!

Thank you so much for featuring!! great selection!!

I like number 22 the baby doll watch, but they all great products.

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