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Sponsor Spotlight: Relique

Relique_green{1. porcelain hook 2. Fish ceramics 3. frigidaire vase 4. retail display case }

When I visit Relique it feels like walking into a thriftstore ... and when I do I love mixing and matching items that come from the same color family and while I was working on a red palette I found some great green items too ... so not one but two collages with lovely vintage items for you today ... 




{1. parking sign 2. red wing pitcher 3. gold glasses 4. enamel dish 5. painters ladder }  


.. Relique 

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Spotlight: Vintage Kitchen accessories from relique


{my favorite vintage items from relique: 1. seltzer bottle 2. rosette irons 3. jade mixing bowl 4. wire basket 5. scale 6. midcentury plate 7. picnic ice box

Do you have any vintage accessories in your kitchen?

I do! And although my kitchen is no way near looking as nice as the kitchen below, I do try to give my vintage accesoiries the same decoration and display feel as in these beautiful images.

Not sure where you can find lovely things from a previous life ... start right here at relique. They carry a huge selection vintage and repurposed interior items. 



Kitchen images by Andrea Turander for SkonaHem


.. Relique

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2013 ... Spread your wings ...


Happy New Year to ALL of you! 

I see many people writing about NY resolutions ... do you make resolutions for yourself?

I never do to be honest… probably because I don't like “rules” too much... neither when they are given to me nor when I impose them on myself... but notwithstanding all of that… every year I commit myself to a slightly loosely worded but in my mind very important “rule of life”… which hopefully will give me guidance when I am not entirely sure where to go or how to get there...

~ Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly ~



{Image credit: Bloesem}

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It's the little things in life...


... that mean the most! 

... a present from a dear friend, who knows what I like, she took the time to find this special 'little' vase that means the world to me... ! Thank You. I feel humbled to know you, you are special and you have made a 'little' dream of mine come true today ... the Pollo Vase is now living on my shelf and everytime I look at it it will remind me of you and how unbelievably generous, warm and thoughtful you are!


Tapio Wirkkala designed the Pollo porcelain vase in 1970, which is included in the Rosenthal Studio Line Collection. Tapio Wirkkala can be described as one of the icons of Finnish design and a symbol of the international success of postwar Finnish design. A couple of years back mentioned him in my Vintage Ceramics Read


My friend, Marjolein who bought the vase at Modern Relics for me runs a wonderful blog called GoMarjo. Here she writes about her personal travel experiences... Marrakesh, New York, Brussels, Italy, Copenhagen and more... super travel tips you can always use.  


..Modern Relics

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Nice vintage finds in the Netherlands


Oh boy am I enjoying my visit here in the Netherlands... one of my habits when being here is visiting all the second hand shops looking for vintage ceramics and else... my harvest so far: a beautiful breakfast set including coffee cups, plates and bowls by Ulla Procopé for ARABIA Finland, the Anemone Rosmarin pattern...

and more from ARABIA... two beautiful annual plates, 1978 and 1979 ... they make me super happy, such a nice little treasure!

Edmondbellefroid Westgermany


... this lovely wall tile from 1967 by Edmond de Bellefroid for Mosa Maastricht and cute little candle holders from Bavaria Germany. Below a set of these beautiful red vases, yes they are from West Germany. and on the right a vintage handmade measurement. 

I still find it amazing what people just give away... but I don't mind I am more than happy to give them a new home in Malaysia. 


**All images by me, Irene from Bloesem.

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Sponsor Spotlight : Relique


Like I said yesterday, lot of nostalgic accesoiries at the Woonbeurs... a new trend or were you always already the kind of person who likes vintage and little things from the past to decorate your home with. I certainly am that kind of person :-)

And Rick the founder and owner of the online shop Relique is too ... he has this super big collection of one-of-a-kind treasures... objects - rescued from a building scheduled for demolition or found in the dark corners of an estate sale.                                                                    Read more>>>


The objects I would pick from Relique are: Vintage French metal and porcelain enamel sign for "Ville"; vintage Chinese hand painted round footstool; set of 5 white lucite drawer/cabinet pulls by designer and builder Ruth Richmond; Antique wood and metal crate from the Jersey Creamery Company in Detroit and the Retro office armchair ... and in the second image you can see this great orange colored retail display for on the wall and finally these black storage baskets hand woven from recycled rubber tires.


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