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Time Out here's some Chocolaad!

Bloesem living | TimeOut Singapore Bloesem feature

So this little package with the most delicious chocolate is on it's way to the TimeOut Singapore head office - why? - because they gave us some really nice press coverage in their latest issue. I'm of course thrilled  and as a long time reader of 'TimeOut Anywhere' and understanding I think the kind of content they are after I feel it as a huge compliment they like our space too!

To be honest ever since we moved into our space in Tiong Bahru we have been getting so many nice responses from people just visiting and obviously also for the press. 

So thank you Singapore for welcoming the Bloesem Creative Space so warmly to your city! 

Bloesem living | TimeOut Singapore Bloesem feature

Bloesem living | TimeOut Singapore Bloesem feature

Bloesem living | TimeOut Singapore Bloesem feature

I couldn't think of a better way to thank Benita Lee, the author of our little press coverage then giving here some delicious and gorgeous looking chocolate, homemade in the Netherlands.

Van der Burgh Chocolaad was founded in july 2011 by Joyce and Richard van der Burgh as a result of an extensive search for handmade chocolatebars. They are convinced that chocolate must be created from only Fairtrade cacaobeans, but also that, for reaching the ultimate taste of chocolate, the process of making great chocolate has to be done in small quantities ... and I belive that too and that's is why we are happy to say Bloesem is stocking these gorgeous bars in our space ... come over and get one before my husband eats them all! 

ps. of course it was the packaging that made us want to try these bars!! ans we can tell you the inside is just as perfect :)

Bloesem living | TimeOut Singapore Bloesem feature

.. TimeOut Singapore
.. Van der Burgh Chocolaad

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Real Living Magazine

Bloesem Living | press Real Living Magazine

I can honestly say that it feels truly encouraging and nice when a magazine like Real Living magazine from Australia approaches you for a write-up about the things you do ... share with them a bit behind the scenes of Bloesem and what my ideas are about interior design ... although it is a past issue in which (August 2013) I was featured, you can still read and see bit here over their blog.

I often buy Real Living and was very happy surpriesd to see this production I did with Marjon Hoogervorst in Malaysia featured in there. I agree with RL it is very interesting home of architect couple Wen Hsia and BC Ang in Kuala Lumpur. ... yes this issue is still available and you will love all the Floral ideas they have going on right now....

Bloesem Living | press Real Living Magazine

Bloesem Living | press Real Living Magazine

All images by Bloesem in my home. 

Top Image: Grafunkt AA ShelfBlu Dot letter holder - Ceramic vase from thrift shop 

Second Image: Eames plywood round table

Third image: Glass square table ... forgot the name have to get back to you on this :) , Kartel componibili side table and a marimekko cup

.. Thank You Real Living magazine


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FLOW vacationbook


 When a magazine approaches me for an interview I am always very honored and grateful. It is nice to know they value my opinion and want to share my work and ideas with their readers. The FLOW vacationbook is a seperate issue from FLOW magazine that is eagerly awaited by many readers during the summer. 

This year the magazine book focussed on all things 'photography' ... inspired by everything you see online. They asked me what kind of images I like to share on Bloesem blogs, what to look for in an image and what I keep in mind when making my own pictures. Like the image above when I photograhped a kitchen shelf in our Amsterdam apartment with ceramics found in thrift-shops. 

I'm not a professional photographer but I do believe with current digital camera's, a good eye for composition, color and keeping things simple we can all make nice pictures. 

I also said during the interview that true inspiration for me comes from within myself and not so much from pinterest or instagram. I do love browsing through them and of course they give me good ideas but sometimes there is just too much and I need to go back to my inner voice and think about what I feel is beautitful!





Thank you F for inviting me and being part of this summer book. Great reading the interview with Ing-Things too. 

ps. many free downloads from FLOW, best to use Translate not sure if you know how to read Dutch :)

All images by me, Irene founder of Bloesem blogs.

.. FLOW magazine


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And the Winners are ...


The Daily Beast is the online home of Newsweek magazine. Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Talk, serves as editor-in-chief of both publications. And yesterday The Daily Beast launched their first Beast Best Awards – listing the sites, apps and twitter feeds they are obsessed with right now. In case you haven’t heard yet, Bloesem was one of the sites they chose, in the Parenting category!

All grins, smiles and happy faces here on this side of the screen ...



You can find all the winners here at the Daily Beast.

ps. i think they haven't noticed that we moved to Singapore :) 

.. Bloesem Kids

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NewsLoop from Singapore


I am happy to announce to be part of the wonderful NewsLoop app from Singapore's Singtel and I like to say Hello to all the Singaporeans who are already enjoying this app and would like to welcome all of you who like to be in the loop of what is happening in the world. Special thanks to the lovely Samantha who invited me.

..NewsLoop app


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Bloesem's home in Real Living Magazine



Last week Irene came home with the December issue of Real Magazine Australia with a smile on her face. She must have been happy with the feature. We all are! It looks great! Irene and family would like to thank Real Magazine so much for featuring them and their home here in KL. Being one of her favorite magazines, this December issue is filled with great Christmas decorating ideas too.

All pictures was taken by personal friend Marjon Hoogervorst. Im sure you recognize that name by now. She has beautiful pictures all over Bloesem especially in our Face-to-face a new Designer's Profile column.


The article starts off with what Irene and Rik wants in a home. "open spaces, high ceilings and a decent sized home office for Irene's studio." This place says it all. After getting to know Irene a little better I can really say that every inch of this home was thought for and added a touch of their personality and style even some toys on the counter by the boys.
Every piece that I point to has a story. "a mix of new and vintage pieces bough on trips to the Netherlands since their travelling adventures began in 2006." And yes, I even asked about the story behind the albino Chinese girl photograph on the wall. Creating a 'real home' sounds easier than done, Irene shares this thought too in the article. [READ MORE]


Kiet at the kitchen counter on stools that were bought locally.


This is where I spend my weekdays, the office space/crafts room/inspiration room. I love it! And yes, the best part is the full window of natural light and a view of the outdoors. Irene talks a little bit about the 'black walls' she has here. For an office like this it's perfect for photoshoot days and matches well with all our wooden furniture.
As you can see in the picture below, her bedroom has a black wall as well. What do you think? Do
we all love?



Explore Irene's vintage finds, studio space and her relax and play rooms. Grab a copy of the December issue of Real Living to check out Irene's full feature and many more. There's some last minute gifts idea, more beautiful homes and some Christmas recipes to try out.~Sufiya



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