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Visje Bij De Thee


Everything you see in these pictures is for sale at a lovely new online shop called Visje bij de Thee = 'little fish with tea' ... a perculiar name I know but in dutch it sounds quite nice :)

Stylist Iris Rietbergen who founded Visje bij de Thee created a sweet and romantic world. I have fallen in love with the beautiful bird wallpaper. And I like how Iris dared to combine thsi already very busy patteren with more patterns from skinnylaminx ... great idea and makes me want to try doing this at home too.... no need to always keep it plain and simple .. do you like combining colors and patterns like this?     [READ AND SEE MORE]




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Washi collection



a collection perfect for washi tape lovers ... I know many of you really like everything masking tape ... so how about the new collection from mrs. eliot books ... I rather like it :) ! The cushion above is my favorite, but a iphone cover is very lovely too ... I have been a fan of mrs eliot for a long time and it is just great to see her collection expand ... 



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Ladies & Gentlemen


It is about time I am doing this post ... why, you perhaps think ... well since I came back from NY this lady is on my mind .. I love her designs enormously and she is such a sweet person. 'Who' is she? Well her name is Jean Lee and she half of the Ladies & Gentleman design studio based in San Francisco. 

WHile walking at the NYIGF my eyes suddenly caught these beautiful round copper lights hanging in a small corner. Like a magnet I was drawn to them ... only after a while of observing them I noticed the lady standing next to them and when she introduced herself I was like ... oh wow, how wonderful to meet you and  'yes' of course this must be a new design from Ladies&Gentleman! 

And soon after I discovered the new 'perimeter trays', which I am hoping to find underneath the Christmas tree this year :) ...

{The image above and below were taken by Kelly Ishikawa for Anthology magazine issue no. 8 ...great article, perhaps you can still get a copy somewhere.} 

[read more]



a bit about Ladies & Gentleman

'Driven by a love for all things simple, clever, and/or designed, Ladies & Gentlemen was founded by Jean Lee (the Lady) & Dylan Davis(the Gentlemen) in 2010. With a mix of resourcefulness and nostalgia, the studio builds objects considering yesterday's values reinterpreted for current times.'

I'm loving all their designs, but my favs are the aura lights, the perimeter trays and the vintage spoons ... and one more .. Homestead ... enjoy shopping!


..Ladies & Gentleman

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fog linen trays and calendars 2013

Bybjor{necklace above was a present from Bjørke, a ducth friend of Jurianne, who has her own collection by the name of By Bjor}

At the NYIGF I had the pleasure of meeting the two ladies from fog linen work. I am a big fan of this Japanese label. Their collection linens and small home accesoiries are just perfect! 

What I didn't know was that often at tradeshows companies sell their items so they don't have to ship them back again home ... the sale started at 12 and I believe at 13 everything in the fog linen booth was sold out,  very lucky I was indeed to get my hands on a couple of trays, some linen tape and the new linen wall calendar by Lota for fog linen work...      [MORE IMAGES]









..fog linen work

..By Bjor necklace

All images by me. 

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Nämä is a new shop from Finland by Ruth Landesa

Nama finland

Ruth Landesa is an independent illustrator. She told me she that she lives in an inspiring small town by the coast in Southern Finland and how 'she loves making “smiling” illustrations. Ruth dreams of having her own brand of products for home decoration one day. 

I believe with her style and artistic talents this dream will soon come true. 

In the menatime Ruth has opened an online shop, called Nämä. Here you can find some true collectibales for a ceramic lover like me ... interesting vintage  cups from Arabia or Vaja. 

Nämä is about "these"((nämä) designs and crafts she loves and collects from craftsmen, makers, designers..., mixing in her own selection modern, traditional, new, recycled and crafted items. 

Nama finland arabia
Nama Nama-finland Finnish_wooden_basket      

Finland arabia

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Monday's quick start: Harvest! by Darling Celementine

darlingclementine harvest collection

I know it is going to be a good week here on BloesemLiving when I receive an email in my inbox on Sunday like this from Darling Clementine. My absolute favorite Scandinavian paper design studio.

Of course I am honored Darling Clementine has given Bloesem the scoop for their new collection called: 'Harvest!'

The new series is by far their most extensive so far and consist of cards, posters, gift wrap, a 2013 calendar, tea towels, porcelain cups and a brand new line of their very own fine teas!   

All make perfect gifts for the Holiday Season. I have my eyes set on the calendar and the tea towels, what about you?             [MORE IMAGES]


DClookbook-3   HARVEST_08 Finetea 








Nice to get a glimpse of the things the ladies from DarlingClementine LOve ... 

..Darling Clementine

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