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{image by Marjon Hoogervorst ... my legs on my couch in our Singapore apartment}

I (finally) did it ... and it feels so goood! Time for Champagne to celebrate a new, refined and fresh look for Bloesem Living. I really hope you like it? I know I do ... not least because I designed, coded (with the exception of one page that is...:)) and built the new templates in typepad completely myself! You know me ... after so many years of reading Bloesem... I am normally not this immodest, certainly not looking to take centre stage... but in this case I am happy to make an exception ... and just wanted to let you know that a non-tech savvy – although now very tech-savvy … - blogging mom pulled this off!

Why you might ask would anyone in her right mind put herself through such a painful process… putting in more than 12 hours per day for long periods of time… well, I certainly did not volunteer for it... and you are right... this whole thing has been quite an ordeal to be honest...

I started out by doing the seemingly sensible thing… after making the design templates in photoshop for the new site, I hired expert tech-builders who, suffice to say, could or would not do what I thought we clearly had agreed … so another lesson learned the hard way I guess…

With hindsight it is difficult to imagine how I could not have seen the signs and perhaps I have been too naïve and certainly to trusting… so here it goes... some after-the-fact very basic wisdom and pointers from me when you are about to spend a bunch of money and time on 3rd party service providers… all of this appeals to common sense but it is easy to throw caution to the wind in the spur of the moment, so “bloggers beware”:

i.) Make sure to vet your service providers. Ask for references, then actually speak to them about their experiences. Yes you want to hear the good and the bad.

ii.) Don’t be tempted to pay 50% or more up front! Even when working with other freelancers who of course may be light on financial resources themselves. I still think anything between 10%-20% down payment is more than enough. Yes, you work on the basis of trust, but there has to be a balance. Make a payment schedule that ties with agreed deliverables. As a client, you have a right to see draft deliverables, within agreed timelines before further payments are made – and stick to the plan.

iii.) Don’t be a dummy! (I behaved like one for some time until I found I wasn’t one!) … there is much more that you can do yourself. Educate yourself even if you think you don’t have time. Yes, the learning curve will be steep but it is worth it. AND it will save you time and money later.

iv.) And, essentially, only hire service providers that are “better” than you… by that I mean, as is the case with hiring employees, there is absolutely no benefit in hiring anyone who pulls you down… the only way is up ... and your service provider should lead the way.

v.) One more thing… being a perfectionist (and I am sure you are too…) building this site myself, I had to accept that some things will not work to perfection, be it the design or tech specs, so a few happy mistakes or errors will remain but that is OK! See it as a sign of 'Handmade' and a sign of any proper DIY project I suppose … :)

Furthermore, I think this episode has for better or for worse hardened me a bit as a “business woman”… and perhaps that is a good thing… after all I do run a business and there is nothing wrong with taking a more business oriented approach to things like this. Freelancers like you and me should protect their businesses… businesses that are so precious to us and that we have nurtured along with hard work for many, many years.

My husband tells me I have now become “anti-fragile”... a term coined he says by this Wall Street guru who wrote a book with the same title... so, what does it mean? In the face of adversity, you are not only robust and survive, you actually thrive...! I kind a like that... I feel a bit anti-fragile today... and I do hope the feeling lasts... at least for the rest of the day…

Tomorrow will be blogging business as usual at Bloesem Living! ~ irene xoxo


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Keep Calm and Carry On


Dear Bloesem readers,

It has been one of those months where the work has just been piling up…backlog, backlog, backlog! I am sure you know the feeling … one step forward and multiple steps back… and on top of that, I am also back to a one-woman operation until I find someone to help out on all sorts of back office stuff and social media … (let me know if you can recommend anyone, preferably in my time zone…)

But I cannot complain, feeling completely re-energized by this wonderful mentioning of  the Bloesem Blog in the UK The Independent newspaper of last weekend… with Bloesem landing in 4th place of their blog awards …! So, thank you Independent editors, UK readers, you my dear readers and my sponsors for your continued support for Bloesem … which was needed more than ever before I can assure you for me to, as the British say,  “keep calm and carry on”…

 But not to despair … one of the reasons I have been in the trenches is because I am about to launch a revamped Bloesem … and I am doing all of the actual tech-work myself!! … talking about a steep learning curve … but looks like after two weeks or so outside my comfort zone … not sure in which zone I was :) but suddenly I saw the light … I think I might actually be able to pull it off!

Anyway, I promise to write a separate post on my “html/css coding travails” next week, sort of a Biz tutorial … my sincere apologies to all the sponsors, new and existing, for the delayed responses to your emails … it is great to see that there is so much interest in Bloesem and I will respond to you, so please bear with me … and while I am getting my admin house in order during the next few days, I will go a little light on the new posts … I hope you understand … Bloesem will be back in full swing in a couple of days … I will see you then! ~xoxo Irene 

ps. image by me of our Amsterdam apartment. 


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More green in the house


{image: Belle Fleur de Lis}

The weekend we came back from our summer in the Netherlands I literally went to the first garden shop I could find here in Singapore ... it was in Amsterdam already that I decided I wanted more plants and greens in our home and balconies. I have bought quite a few but no pictures yet to share with you... what I can do i share you the images that inspired me to have more green in our house ... 









Image credit: 2. Bottles via Leslie Williamson 3. Flower via Irene Hoofs 4. Jurianne's bathroom viaMarjon Hoogervorst 5. White flowers via Daily Tonic 6. Copper pot Irene Hoofs 7. hanging plants viaconvoy 8. Balcony pots via pinterest


Any green inspiration yourself? Love to hear if you have green fingers too :) - irene xoxo


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And the Winners are ...


The Daily Beast is the online home of Newsweek magazine. Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Talk, serves as editor-in-chief of both publications. And yesterday The Daily Beast launched their first Beast Best Awards – listing the sites, apps and twitter feeds they are obsessed with right now. In case you haven’t heard yet, Bloesem was one of the sites they chose, in the Parenting category!

All grins, smiles and happy faces here on this side of the screen ...



You can find all the winners here at the Daily Beast.

ps. i think they haven't noticed that we moved to Singapore :) 

.. Bloesem Kids

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My new collection handmade necklaces.  
Pearls, Amazonite, Jasper, Citrine and other gem stones ... mixed with silver, silk and gold ...  I like the real thing and hope you do too!


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Flower Food for the weekend ... and a preview!


The last couple of days I have been working on shooting images of a new series Bloesem Wear handmade jewelry ... yes hopefully next week I am able to open the Bloesem Wear shop again this time the 2013 collection.

I thought using  little edible flowers would be a perfect styling idea ... they are so sweet, fragile and delicate just as I want my new necklaces to be ... 

And although I am a bit nervous ... I'm already going to show you one picture of one of the designs from this limited new series Bloesem Wear,

Like I said hopefully a couple of more days and I am ready to open the shop... but in the meantime I would love to hear your response get some feedback from you whether you like this style! xoxo irene



 - Soon the Bloesem Wear shop will be open again - 

All images by me, Irene Hoofs



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