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DIY: new upholstery for my chairs


Today I would like to share a personal project with you that I finished last week. Two chairs that I bought a long time ago while living in Toronto ... vintage chairs in a beautiful shop on Queen street, not sure if the shop is still there? 

I never really liked the upholstery but last year I bought a whole roll of this retro fabric for only 6 euros and although I first imagined them as curtains in a perfectly white bedroom I decided to use them for these chairs instead.

The bedrooms here in our new Singapore apartment are a bit brownish already with all the wood used for the cupboards and floors so it was better to use white and light curtains instead. Not sure what I will do with the remaining fabric though :)

Upholstering chairs like these is actually quite easy. Just make sure you have the right stapler (you can buy in all the craft and hardware stores). Make sure you follow the patterns of the fabrics and stretch the fabric not too hard but strong enough so it doesn't wrinkle on the top. Corners are always a bit tricky but just experiment a bit and pretend you are wrapping a gift.

Good luck! ~irene xoxo







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A Fun DIY project


Let's stick with the insect trend ... this time make some bumblebees yourself ... a wonderful new Craft Project posted on BKids today ... you want to make them too?

Click here and find the instructions, tools and pictures at the BKid's Craft page...


 Contribution by Véronique from Pichouline for BloesemKids 

.. DIY insect pompom

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TimeCapsules - make history


Just wrote a post about TimeCapsules at BKids ... a new BEST present created by Dutch product desginer Anouk van der El and graphic designers Mae Engelgeer and Marloes Sijm.

More info over at BloesemKids or at TimeCapsules.







.. TimeCapsules.

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DIY notebook madeby Pien



Hello there! I’m Pien Neve from Amsterdam and I am very proud to be the brand new guest blogger on Bloesem Living. Irene invited me to become the new DIY/craft contributor after seeing my DIY wall hooks.

For this first edition, I made a DIY notebook which is very easy to make ... just a few simple steps.

I got this idea when I caught my boyfriend using those horribly boring, cheap-looking and old fashioned school notebooks. Remember those? The kind you didn’t even want to use during college :).

About thime to give these notebooks a fresh look. I have to admit that my boyfriend is now going to work every day with a big pile of loose papers, while I am using his notebooks now. They have become to beautiful to bring to the office!

Read the steps and see the result by clicking here... 



Step 01: Get rid of the staplers!

Be warned! Do not do this with your nails! I tried to do it 3 times because I was too lazy to look for another option. For instance, you can use tweezers to undo the staplers and your fingers won’t be bleeding.

Step 02: Sew the new cover

Fold your new cover (a beautiful color cardboard or a self-designed cover) and sew it with a needle and thread through the tiny holes of the staples. 

Step 03: Stamp

To finish it off, I stamped words on the new cover with alphabet stamps.

If you want to give it as a present, this Is a nice way to wrap it up!  

Thank you for reading my post, hope you enjoyed it! I am looking forward to sharing more with you in a couple of weeks! See you soon!  ~Pien



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DIY wall hooks


An absolutely wonderful DIY idea from Pien ... just thought you would't want to miss these...


Photo credit: Pien

..Made by Pien 

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DIY wooden fridge magnets


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas...with a little glitter and sparkle. These shapes might look familiar to you, we used simple Ikea cookie cutters. It was a little tricky cutting the ply wood. But we managed to create these simple magnets. Last minute decision to not paint over the wood, we love it's natural color and a little gold.


A tip or two...
*The type of wood we got is soft and light. Perfect for cutting and making small magnets.
*Not advisable to do with children, but decorating it once its cut is something fun they can enjoy.
*Sand paper the sides if you want a smooth finish.
*That is all... so easy and looks good too.
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