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DaWanda Designmarkt Amsterdam


{above: journal by froschkind and necklace by gudbling}

This weekend I am trying to visit the first Dutch handmade market in Amsterdam organised by DaWanda to celebrate the opening of their Dutch website. The market is at Meininger hotel and more then 100 designers will exhibit their work in the different rooms of the hotel.  

What are your plans for the weekend? Perhaps we can meet each other on Sunday otherwise I hope to see you back next week ~ irene xoxo



In the images above t-shirt and teatowel by detailF, paper products by froschkind and a chrochet lamp by Made by Mo


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Wrapping Paper Just for You


Bloesem readers you are in luck today, Jurianne Matter who makes the most gorgeous paper designs has created special wrapping paper and a card print just for us! It is perfect for Valentine's Day, who says everything has to be pink and red? Not to mention when giving a gift to the man in your life, it might be nice to have something a little less colorful.


There is no tutorial necessary because this is so easy to do! A few suggestions though - when printing the card be sure to use a thick double-sided A4 sheet of paper, and fold it in the middle. Cut the large heart along the dashed lines and write a message on it if you wish.

As for the wrapping paper, you can print that on a thin sheet of A4 paper. You can downland the gift wrap here - Download Gift wrap-jm-bloesem-valentine  and the card here - Download Card-jm-bloesem-valentine.

..Jurianne Matter..

..Jurianne Matter's Blog..

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Images that inspire me to create...

I saw these images yesterday evening they and brought me in the right mood for the weekend... there is no way i can make it too but I 'm going to try it anyway :) ...true inspiration for me, as always from Karen Barbé. {just noticed Anthology was posting the same...we must be on the same page :) }



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Miauski a new website by Anne ten Donkelaar



{birds fly away, paper lamp by Anne ten Donkelaar}

I received an email from Anne ten Donkelaar telling me about her new website Miauski ... and I wouldn't be telling you if I wasn't liking what I discovered there... her work is really beautiful, true craftmaneship. I love her brooches and am pleased to announce that her new website is online showing the rose brooches from wool and embroidery and the spriograph brooches from wood and thread.Anne-ten-Donkelaar  

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DIY Custom Wall Hooks


Perhaps you already saw it but perhaps you didn't ... a great craft or should i say DIY project on BKids contributed by Teri from GiddyGiddy. I love the colors she has used for these hooks and i'm sure many kids and grown-ups will do too...



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Etsy Craft Market in Kuala Lumpur



Can I start with a nice event that I went to during last weekend... the Etsy Malaysia craft market. Just at the last minute I found out there was going to be an Etsy market and luckily for me no other plans were made... so together with two friends we went...and it was nice, small, but very nice! I truly hope this is the beginning of a re-occurring event here in Kuala Lumpur, becasue there are many talented people here in Asia and we should be encourage them to sell their handmade goods. 


Together with KLUE magazine the Etsy Malaysia team  organized the day and for me it was really nice to meet people like Michelle from and of course Amy from Pikaland...my goodness we have been emailing each other for the longest time and now we finally met in person...she is just as nice as you can imagine from seeing her blog!



And these were some of the etsy sellers I really liked (above in the image)  minifanfantotodudo ; folktalestudio ; loveandcraft  the image in the upper left corner is from etsy malaysia local blog


and the owls in image on the right are from Fong's Studio...



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