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bloesem wear S14

Bloesem Wear S14

Zara styled and photographed these images for my new necklace collection. She is such a talented lady… and now she is a still photographer too…!... Bloesem Wear S14 ... by now you will know that making my own jewellery has become somewhat of a passion of mine… I love the quest of finding the right materials, combining them and creating a specific colour palette. Working with your hands, thread and needle (not to mention real gold and gemstones…:)  ... can have such a calming effect on a person, I can highly recommend it. Tranquillity all around, peace of mind… the same feeling I get when looking at Zara’s images.

The new collection is all about natural stones and quartzes ... easy to wear necklaces that are very feminine I think and  fit every occasion. I hope you like them too :) 

Bloesem Wear S14

Bloesem Wear S14


Bloesem Wear S14


Thank you Zaaras for the pictures!

.. Bloesem Wear S14 collection

.. previous Bloesem Wear collections

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some things I liked this week ...


One day I would like to visit this guesthouse above in the pic in London ... 

But first I will visit Small & Able ... soon ... almost home again.

Dots on Paper make beautiful cards ... 

Simply ... often best!

Bloesem Wear made it to Germany ... thank YOU Monaqo

Thank you Jantine!! You've got Style !

BIG thank you to Angela for sharing the Bloesem Kids Wear Pearls necklaces!

I love seeing workplaces

An interview with me ... down-under!

More beautiful things coming from down-under

an ice-cream experiment you have to see ... 

some nice golden or silver paper storage bags!

and a swoop mini travel bag that my boys love to play with ...

Would you like to have a tree in your living room?


I wrote a post about five wallpaper designs that Elisabeth Dunker curated for Photowall (image below) ... 

- Happy Weekend and much love for all! Irene xoxo -



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My new collection handmade necklaces.  
Pearls, Amazonite, Jasper, Citrine and other gem stones ... mixed with silver, silk and gold ...  I like the real thing and hope you do too!


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Flower Food for the weekend ... and a preview!


The last couple of days I have been working on shooting images of a new series Bloesem Wear handmade jewelry ... yes hopefully next week I am able to open the Bloesem Wear shop again this time the 2013 collection.

I thought using  little edible flowers would be a perfect styling idea ... they are so sweet, fragile and delicate just as I want my new necklaces to be ... 

And although I am a bit nervous ... I'm already going to show you one picture of one of the designs from this limited new series Bloesem Wear,

Like I said hopefully a couple of more days and I am ready to open the shop... but in the meantime I would love to hear your response get some feedback from you whether you like this style! xoxo irene



 - Soon the Bloesem Wear shop will be open again - 

All images by me, Irene Hoofs



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Giveaway: 2 necklaces from the Bloesem Wears collection


{Giveaway will run until October 3}

What can 2 of you win this week :: a handmade necklace, Liv in silver, braided with 9.25 sterling sliver beads and closing. 

What you have to do :: Pin the image above to your pinterest board, and then leave a comment below with the url to your pin and/or Tweet this giveaway and copy your tweet in the comment section below... 2 options to win! 

About Bloesem Wears :: This new jewelry collection combines my passion for crafts, embroidery and braiding. All jewelry comes with a beautiful gift box. 

..Bloesem Wears shop

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: Congrats to Veronique and Sam.
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Monday's Quick start: a BIG thank you


Not sure whether you noticed but I was away for a summer vacation with my family in Spain and oh boy did we have a wonderful time there. Just before I left I launched a new jewelry collection called bloesem wears. With the help of a good friend in Kuala Lumpur I was able to ship out many orders throughout the world .... but I am absolutely sure that these fantastic bloggers made all the difference in getting attention for my shop and I am very grateful for that. 

Jan from Poppytalk, Fenny from F for Fabulous, Christina from Down And Out Chic and Emma Lamb all wrote some really nice compliments about my handmade collection


Seeing my necklaces over at Oh Joy felt perhaps most special because Joy is so known for her impeccable style for fashion and accessoiries. So getting her approval made me feel I am in the right direction and her words encourages me to explore this new hobby of mine a bit more. If you would like to see a bit more of her great sense of style then just take a look at one of these more personal posts of her: 'hello my name is Joy'...


And if that is not all this lady also wrote a new book: Blog, Inc. - a book about how to have a successful blog to be released by Chronicle Books in Fall 2012 and available for pre-order here.

ps. If you have written about my new bloesem wears collection and I didn't notice yet, please let me know ~ so I can thank you properly too :) ~irene

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