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Art in the Home of Furze Chan


Art in the home of Furze Chan

A: Art means to me…Art is a sudden impulse to create something; to fulfill a my desire to create something.

R: Reading books / blogs / magazines ...I almost finish reading a book written by Italo Calvino.The name of the book: If On A Winter's Night A travelerIt takes me a very long time to finish a novel in busy days, but I am always thankful that we are able to read stories written by people in the past. This is to me a valuable and exciting adventure.

T: Trends I see in art or graphic design are…I do not really see a trend in art or graphic design, things are going diverse nowadays in terms of the changing meaning on "beauty". However, there is a thing that I discovered. People are starting to revisit tradditional craftmanships, digging out the valuable treasures from the past. I think this is a good phenonmenon.



S007 S001 S003 S004 S006

A: Artists I admire are...Morandi, van gogh, Edgar Degas, J.S. Bach, Federic Chopin, Michael Jackson...

N: Never will I ...forget to feed my pet...

D: Dreams for my own work are about...calmness and silence




P: Projects I'm currently working on are...I am working on a book-binding projects, trying to explore book forms as well as the meaning of visuals and texts.

R: Relaxing I do at / when / if...drinking coffee and chatting with my good friends; dancing; sitting down and doing nothing

I: Interesting art-places online are...some blogs i visit everyday:http://workspaces.tumblr.com/http://thegoldensmith.blogspot.com/http://ridesabike.tumblr.com/http://elasticnovice.com/http://art-glossary.com/ 


N: New in my home is...A coffee dripper. I am able to enjoy very smooth vietnam coffee at home now!

T: Tomorrow I like to go to...stay home to work on some book binding and drawings.

S: Studio, my studio is...a small room full of messy stuff...


Thank You Furze for sharing your walls and collections with us today. Would you like to see more of the work by Furze Chan than click here for her website and here for her shop. I have fallen in Love with the Animal Poetry by Furze... if you click here you probably understand why :)


..Furze Chan

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Art in the Home of Kelly Lynn Jones


  LLP_1 LLP_4  LLP_5Ship

Art in the Home of Kelly Lynn Jones from Little Paper Planes

A: Art means to me everything.  It is my life, I could not exist without it.  I sleep, breathe, live art.

R: Reading … Books: I am reading Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff
Blogs:  I look at so many blogs for so many different reasons, though just to highlight a couple I find personally inspiring for my own art practice: i heart photograph; hunter gathererer; contemporary art daily; an ambitious project collapsing; bevel and boss; claire nereim; reference library; you have been here sometime; typographic art stuff and many many more.
Magazines:  Artforum, Cabinet, Real Simple, National Geographic, W, and more!  I love going to my local book store and looking through their magazine stand.  It is part of my every Saturday.

T: Trends I see in art or graphic design are… there are trends always happening, but I try not to get too caught up in them, though it is easy to subconsciously become influenced by what you see. 


A: Artists I admire are... there are too many artists to list, but I will make a short list:  The Shakers Gift Drawings, Gordon Matta Clark, Bas Jan Ader, Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys, Robert Smithson, Andrea Zittel, Frances Stark, Letha Wilson, Rachel Whiteread, and so on.

N: Never will I... regret.

D: Dreams for my own work are... always unfolding.   

Read More.....



{image above is from Kelly's favorite painting,  the ship painted by her grandmother}

P: Projects I'm currently working on are a (a newly designed and upgraded Little Paper Planes) a clothing project, a video project in collaboration with my boyfriend Collin McKelvey who does sound pieces, and a published book by Museums Press of my written thesis I completed in Graduate school last May.

R: Relaxing I do at / when / if, I think the right word here is "if", though I am hoping to do more of that one day, but  for now I am all about the hustle.

I: Interesting art-places online are... see above for blogs, and of course: Little Paper Planes


N: New in my home are ... two antique star map celestial lithographs from the late 1800's.

T: Tomorrow I like to .... work on some art and go see my boyfriend's music show.

S: Studio, my studio is in transition.  I am currently in the process of moving my studio from San Francisco to Oakland. A few friends and I are looking for a storefront for an art project space, this is also where my studio and Little Paper Planes will be located as well.


Thank you Kelly! Kelly Lynn Jones is one of my 'Art-Hereos' not only do I love her own work very much I also love what she has done with her 'art-shop' Little Paper Planes. She has brought together many of my favorite painters, illustrators, mixed media artisit and made it easy for me to find something interesting for our own home. At the Little Paper Planes blog Kelly gives you a lot of background information about the artisits. It is absolutely great for me to see what kind of art she has displayed in her own home, hope you liked it too!


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Art in Your Home :: Hanna Konola


My second guest today in the new series Art in Your Home, I truly hope you like seeing how artists from all over the world display their own art in their homes. Claire Nereim started last week and today I have the pleasure to introduce... or perhaps no introduction needed ... to Hanna Konola, a Finnish freelancer in the field of illustration, design and art... and who's I'm loving for a long time.  

Hanna3  Hanna5  Hanna2 Hanna6

Art in the home of Hanna Konola

A: Art means to me… better being, feeling.

R: Reading books / blogs / magazines ... Last two books I've read are Rui Tenreiros Metsän pidot (Høytiden) and Paul Auster's Leviathan. With blogs it's interesting to be connected around the world and to find new things.

T: Trends I see in art or graphic design are… there must be so many kinds of trends going on in different areas and with different people. I find a lot of the same shapes and forms and colours and motifs around that I work with myself. It's interesting to think where these trends come from.


A: Artists I admire are... people who just try to be themselves.

N: Never will I ...

never say never..

D: Dreams for my own work are about... so many kind of things I want to work with, textiles, books, illustrations, exhibitions.. I just hope I will be busy working and enjoying it.


P: Projects I'm currently working on are... my final thesis, a poster workshop, drawing/making pictures and making plans.

R: Relaxing I do at / when / if... walking, baking, in a good company, swimming, drawing (not always relaxing)


I: Interesting art-places online are... to name one: ok-do

N: New in my home is... i just painted an old dressing table, so it became a little bit new.

T: Tomorrow I like to go to... Berlin!

S: Studio, my studio is... my home at the moment


All images by Hanna Konola.


Prints from her shop.

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New Column ::: Art in Your Home ::: Claire Nereim


This is the studio of Claire Nereim... an artist who first came to my attention when seeing this beautiful calendar. Claire lives and works in Los Angeles, but was born in Chicago. I'm very happy she was willing to answer my questions and shares a bit of her daily surroundings with us... about her art she says she explores the relationship between form and meaning as it pertains to the construction of memory and space... enjoy her interview below:

1-home 10-studio 2-home 6-home 7-home 11-work


Art in the home of Claire Nereim

A: Art means to me… examining and re-imagining visual conventions, experimentation and play.

R: Reading books / blogs / magazines... currently I'm reading The Poetics of Space by Bachelard, and Artforum, but I am looking at so many art books every day (Cartographies of Time, Josef Albers: To Open Eyes, Alexander Girard Designs for Herman Miller...)


T: Trends I see in art or graphic design are… I always am drawn to craft and subtlety, so that is something I notice around me but it might be my own preferences at play more than a true trend.

A: Artists I admire are... Charles Ray, Ed Ruscha, Vija Celmins, Shana Lutker


N: Never will I... stop learning new things.

D: Dreams for my own work are about... having vast expanses of uninterrupted time in my studio. I dream about dividing my week into days exclusively for drawing, printing, weaving, free time, and


P: Projects I'm currently working on are... a large screenprint star map, some tabletop sculptures, and I am learning how to marble paper, which is really fun.

R: Relaxing I do at ... hiking, reading, swimming, and taking care of my plants.



I: Interesting art-places online are... Intelligent ClashingEast of BorneoBird and Banner, AnAmbitious Project Collapsing, and these are only the tip of the iceberg, really!

N: New in my home is... a painting of the inside of a rock, by my friend Simone Montemurno. It's an exciting addition, and our very first painting.


T: Tomorrow I like to go to... relax at home after classes and studio.

S: Studio, my studio is... such a wonderful place to work. I have nice light, two small plants, and tall walls. I like to keep lots of books, objects and postcards to look at, and I love to rearrange.



++  Claire Nereim  ++  Claire's blog  ++  Claire's shop  ++


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New Column ++ Art in Your Home ++

Happy to announce a new series for Bloesem ++ Art in Your Home ++ 

For a long time I have been planning to talk more about art / prints / illustrations / photography that you can hang or place in your home and I particularly wanted to know a little more about the artists behind the works... so I decided to invite my favorite artists and let them talk about their own work, their home and studio and about the kind of art they like.  Of course I tried to keep it simple and asked them to only finish some short sentences. 

Today I will start with Claire Nereim and I have already lined up some other great artists for the next coming weeks on Wednesdays ... will keep on inviting interesting creatives from around the globe...

Hope you will enjoy this new series! 

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Last week, Rik and I finally got a chance to hang some of our prints. This beauty is from Jennifer Judd-Mcgee, also known from her blog Swallowfield. Lately, I like framing artwork in linen frames, because they have such a soft and gentle feel and make the artwork even look better.
These are some of Jennifer's latest additions to her shop {available here}. I love the blue one! And currently she is doing a great guestblog appearance over at Modish. I enjoy reading her posts and found some great new links via her. Jennifer is an artist and mother of two children living and working in Portland, Maine. Here you can find her shop.

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