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Wrapping up Etsy Resolution 2016

Monday, 15 February 2016 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | Wrapping up Etsy Resolution 2016

Remember we were just talking about the launch of the second year of Etsy Resolution a while ago? Well.. We're already coming to the last week of Etsy Resolution 2016! Over the past 4 weeks, the Etsy team and programme mentors have been sharing many helpful and valuable tips and tricks, accompanied with plenty of activities to guide you along and for you to have a hand at. Think photography, marketing, SEO.. everything you need to get your Etsy shop all ready.

However, we think one of the best parts of this special programme definitely has to be the community it built.. Being able to engage with other like-minded people and get support from the mentors and true Etsy pros, Jemima Callaghan from Lost Property Hong Kong and Vincci Ching from Angee W, through the dedicated Facebook Group is an amazing way to gather invaluable feedback fast and make your shop even better.. Something you can't get elsewhere.

Bloesem Living | Wrapping up Etsy Resolution 2016

As a team who frequents Etsy (someone guard our wallets), we visited the participants' Etsy shops and we were completely blown away at how far they've come! Before we knew it, we found ourselves hopping through various items of theirs.. Take a look at Haberdasher Store and Wilde Naturals, while they look very different, both have beautiful logos and nice photos. Great examples of choosing a style to match your product and brand.. Another favourite of ours from the region is SkyeRocks. Take it from her.. Using the "macro" setting to take photographs sure works amazing for gems with intricate details!

Very happy to see that many have taken that first step to setting up their creative business.. Feeling inspired to try a couple of new things myself too. What about you? Share with us some of the things you're aiming to cross off your list this 2016!

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