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Time with Silke Bonde

Tuesday, 26 January 2016 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | Silke Bonde interview

Finding the world map a little familiar? Yes, it's the amazing artwork 'Blue World' featured in a two-page spread across the latest Bloesem Gazette! Painted in watercolour by the talented visual artist and illustrator Silke Bonde, her attention to detail and colour use are always so impressive. We're definitely long time fans of hers, getting our daily dose of gorgeous pictures of beautiful artwork from her Instagram feed.. Featuring nature and neutral colours, I say we have a winning combination for a soul-soothing feed. You have to check it out to know what I mean! 

Besides her incredible artwork, she also shared with us and our readers a little bit about the life of a designer for the Bloesem Gazette.. Here's the rest of it!

Bloesem Living | Silke Bonde interview

How would you describe your creative/artistic process?

I usually find a theme that I find interesting. It has very often something to do with the nature. I explore this theme and transfer the input to my sketchbook. Then shortly after I start working with water and brush to try out different ideas. Most of my creative process happens on watercolor paper, which gives me an idea of the final look and makes sure that I get the expression that I am looking for. I will use tons of watercolor paper before I am satisfied.

Wow, that's interesting! So what's your favourite tools of the trade to use then?

Brush and water are my favourite tools. I like to use the brush to paint with water at first. When I am satisfied with the shapes I drip a little paint into it and the design appears. I like the way I can control and create the design with the water and at the same time combine the stringent and organic shapes.

Bloesem Living | Silke Bonde interview

Share with us top 5 design resources you gain inspirations from.

Designspiration.net, pinterest.com, instagram.com, itsnicethat.com, and printed magazines like Frankie magazine and Cereal magazine.

And your top 5 favourite designers?

Nendo, Hans J. Wegner, Hideaki Hamada (photographer), Børge Mogensen and Lotta Nieminen.

Share with us one of your favourite design projects and the process behind it.

I was creating some huge backdrops for a photo shoot for Broste Copenhagen. We wanted to show the feeling of an old atelier where everything was faded by the sun and nothing had changed for years. I was working outside in the sun for days with all my 10-meter long backdrops throwing randomly with watercolour, spreading dead leaves and walked on it just to make it look old and artsy. It was such a great fit for the photo shoot and it added just the feeling that we wanted. Even a year after I still get contacted by people who want something similar on their wall.

Name a typography that best describes you and why.

One that says “Hi, I am tall, minimalistic and made by hand” because that is what I am and what I like.

Bloesem Living | Silke Bonde interview

What are your favourite creative trends?

I like the DIY trend that occurred after the financial crises. Instead of buying new stuff the entire time, then try to rethink the stuff you already have and create it yourself. Your home will also be more personal and inspirational.

It's a win-win, isn't it! What about print trends? Any you're excited about at the moment?

I really like all handmade illustrations/designs because it is much more personal and it gets us away from the digital world for a while. I had a really good time working on my latest “Looking closer” print collection, just concentrating on bringing my thoughts to the watercolour paper and staying offline for hours. I selected some elements from nature and I wanted to zoom in on them to show the details that we often miss when passing by. My intention was to show the beauty of nature and the naturally-created art.

Bloesem Living | Silke Bonde interview

What is the biggest misconception people have about designers?

I think people are a bit traditional in their way of characterising a designer. I have a hard time making people understand how much time it takes to design a brand and to create my own visual identity on all digital platforms. They often think everything is about the product and how it is made and for some reason forget all the hard work of creating a coherent brand.

Agreed. Do you have any advice for beginner designers who are just starting out then?

Just try to experiment with as many methods and tools as possible. You do not have to know your own style from the beginning that is just something you will discover over time. Do what makes you happy.

Wise words indeed. A big thank you to you, Silke, for your wonderful contribution!

All photos via Silke Bonde.

.. Silke Bonde
.. Silke Bonde's Instagram
.. Have you seen her watercolour painting on the latest Bloesem Gazette?

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