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Learn a new skill.. Check!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | Picking up new skills with Skillshare

Learn how to start and build a brand with a social mission from Co-founder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker, Neil Blumenthal.

Every year I have a mental list of new creative skills I wish to take up and this 2016 is no exception.. But having Skillshare around just makes it a whole lot easier! An amazing online learning platform for virtually any and everything under the sun, you can quickly pick up almost any skill you can think of through their nifty videos from the comfort of your home.. You'll be surprised! Whether it's baking, photography, marketing, or even business strategies.. Yup, they've got you. In fact, we think choosing from such a huge variety of classes has to be the toughest part. But here's some good news for you..

Bloesem Living | Picking up new skills with Skillshare

Once you've mastered lettering and calligraphy, it's time to take it to a different platform and achieve even more by digitising it without losing that textural, hand-made feel.

Instead of paying $10/month, our Bloesem readers get Premium Access to over 2,500 (!) classes for 3 months at just $0.99! So go wild with the classes.. Use the code bloesemblogs99 to redeem the offer or you can just click this link to sign up.

That's not all.. There's a pretty exciting competition going on where you stand a chance to win 1 FREE year of access to Skillshare on top of the 3-month deal. All you have to do is:

1) Follow @Skillshare on Instagram
2) Post a photo of a new skill or project you're excited to take on this 2016
3) Tag @Skillshare, along with two other friends, and include the hashtag #monthoflearning.

I can already think of a couple of new projects I can't wait to start.. It's such a win-win. But hurry though - promotion ends this Sunday, 31 January.

Go on and attend the classes in your pajamas, no one has to know, right? "Learn new skills in 2016", check!

.. Skillshare
.. Follow them on Instagram and tag them to stand a chance to win 1 free year of access

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