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Sher Reen's picturesque world

Thursday, 3 December 2015 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | Travel Instagrammer @sherreenl

Our friend Sher Reen has had wonderful opportunities to travel and see all the amazing sights the world has to offer. And while we totally wish she would secretly pack all of us in her suitcase so we could go along, following her journey on Instagram is the second best option.. She documents her travels with gorgeous artistic shots (of many great cafes too!) that often feature scenic beauties, dreamy interior spaces, and good food that different cultures have to offer.

In between her travels, the lovely Sher Reen took some time to share with us about some of her favourite experiences on the latest Bloesem Gazette Volume 5. Go have a read and snag some travel tips from the pro. If you're feeling the itch to book a plane ticket right after, don't worry, us too! We're definitely daydreaming about trips to Cape Town and Bath, England now..

We did a little Q&A with Sher Reen too.. Hear it from the lady herself!

Bloesem Living | Travel Instagrammer @sherreenl

The Maldives through Sher Reen's lens.

Any secret tips to travelling like a pro/ travelling smart?

Plan in advance - before I leave for a trip, I make it a point to research your destination. My favourite points of reference outside of the usual guidebooks are people who live there and/or friends with similar interests who have been. This ensures I get a glimpse of a place as the locals and like-minded see it - how I like to experience new places. Also, I highly recommend getting your bookings out of the way and organised into an app like TripCase - takes a lot of stress out of actual travel. Being organised is the key to relaxing and really enjoying your trip. And if you're the type who needs a piece of home with you, travel with a mini candle or body products. Always works a treat - my favourites are Mmerci Encore and Aēsop!


1) Never forget a plug converter.
2) Always check the currency and find out if you need.
3) Let your bank and mobile service provider know you are travelling.
4) Always pack a spare set of clothing and toiletries in case your luggage goes missing!
5) Get a local SIM card - it's almost always cheaper.

Bloesem Living | Travel Instagrammer @sherreenl

Wow, that's a lot but definitely very helpful! Favourite city to travel to?

This has to be a tie between Melbourne and Cape Town. I'm biased towards Melbourne because I lived there for six good years, but I think it's a great city to visit because it's small enough that it's intimate, yet there are so many surprises for a traveller to unlock. And there is something for everyone - food culture, an arts scene, contemporary architecture and varied landscapes in and out of central Melbourne! Cape Town is the South Africa that isn't, yet it has a wonderful balance of man and nature that will thrill every age group. My favourite attraction has to be Table Mountain - the views over Cape Town from there are breathtaking. I also recommend doing a safari when in South Africa - take it from a non-animal enthusiast. There's something deeply humbling and human about being so close to elephants, giraffes and zebras in their natural habitat that I can't explain in words.

And the crazy photographer in me will tell you that both cities share a magical light quality that I haven't experienced anywhere else in the world.

Bloesem Living | Travel Instagrammer @sherreenl

Items to put in your carry-on?

Facial Moisturiser - my favourite is the Aesop B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel. A good book and a notebook - for when you can't sleep, and the in-flight entertainment sucks. And a shawl/cardigan and socks - because of the fluctuating temperatures you encounter.

Bloesem Living | Travel Instagrammer @sherreenl

5 of the most picturesque places you've visited?

1) The Maldives - I recently had the privilege of visiting and it is out of this world beautiful, the photos on Google do not exaggerate. The water is not only clear but are layered in the most unbelievable shades of blue. Its low pollution levels also means it is home to incredible marine life, baby sharks, sting rays and dolphins included!

2) Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore - if you haven't been, please do yourself a favour and go. Designed by world renowned landscape architects Grant Associates, Cloud Forest sets the world for an internal garden, in my opinion. You cannot take a bad photo here!

3) Table Mountain, Cape Town - you'll never see a mountain top quite like this one. The view back over Cape Town is unbelievable, especially on a cloudy day.

4) Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia - I am a city girl at heard but this is one of my favourite drives. The view is second to none (although the twelve apostles are falling over), especially in the summer. Perfect hues of blue in both sun and sea!

5) Bath, England - I spent a fair amount of time learning about some architectural icons here before I got to visit (The Circus, Royal Crescent, The Abbey). Bath is a UNESCO world heritage site and evidently so. I love the sprawling greens, the undulating land, the well-preserved architecture and how the light falls in this place. I'd love to be able to go back one day, the city council is doing wonderful things about heritage-sensitive architecture in the city!

Big hugs to Sher Reen for contributing to our latest Gazette yet.. thanks for being so cool!


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