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Talking fashion with MyDubio's Joyce Croonen

Wednesday, 16 December 2015 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem living | Talking fashion with Joyce Croonen of MyDubio

Part-time blogger, part-time social psychologist (I know right?), and full-time fashion inspiration - Joyce Croonen of MyDubio started her website to share about everything good for the minimalist soul. Interior decor, shopping guides and even DIY ideas.. you name it. If you've read the Fashion section of the latest Bloesem Gazette, you'd have gotten a glimpse of her current wardrobe picks and her thoughts on certain trends, alongside other fashion influencers we totally adore. Yet there's still so much more to share! Hear it from the lady herself.. 

Bloesem living | Talking fashion with Joyce Croonen of MyDubio

Bloesem living | Talking fashion with Joyce Croonen of MyDubio

Define your style.

My personal style is a basic and simple way of dressing, with a focus on shape or fabric. It closely relates to me being rather introverted. I hate to be the center of attention, so I'll never be the girl dressing in glittery dresses with fringes to top. But I like to create a bit of friction between the items I wear: androgynous trousers with heels, flared jeans with oversized minimal blouses. As long as I can add some unexpected details to my outfit I'm more than happy to wear non-colours in a toned-down way.

So what's is your go-to everyday look?

At the moment it's black wide trousers, simple sandals and an off-shoulder top to make things a little less boring.

Then what would be the most interesting item in your wardrobe, and the story behind that?

I think my super long black dress by Wackerhaus. It's silk, buttoned down and totally impractical, but I always feel extra special wearing it. And I got it last year while attending my first fashion week in Copenhagen. Great memories! 

Bloesem living | Talking fashion with Joyce Croonen of MyDubio

While you're a fashion inspiration to many, where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Pinterest, other blogs, magazines, the street. Just about everywhere I guess!

Any fashion blogs or Instagram accounts you read on a daily basis?

So many! Accounts like Elin Kling, Charlie May and Jayne Min are a favourite.

Bloesem living | Talking fashion with Joyce Croonen of MyDubio

What's a fashion Faux Pas you have committed (and aren't too embarrased to share)?

When I was 15 I owned these all black sneakers that weren't in fashion at all. But I was all about comfort back then and wore them for one year straight. Even when a hole appeared and friends started to convince me they really had to go, it took me another month to say goodbye...

We've all had those moments! What about now? What is one trend item that you will you never wear?

Never say never! But too much fringes in one look just isn't my thing.

Bloesem living | Talking fashion with Joyce Croonen of MyDubio

Clothing, accessories, and shoes - your top 5 must-haves?

Clothing-wise, a warm knit because I'm always freezing, wide-legged trousers which you can easily dress up or down, a belted jacket (I feel too business like in a blazer and a belted jacket feels more casual and looks more interesting), and a simple top with a nice neckline - appropriate for every occasion.

For me, jewelry is a precious thing to wear. It makes a look more 'you' and is less sensitive to ever changing trends. So earrings, rings, a necklace and watch are must-haves for me. A pair of sunglasses for the sunny days, a scarf for when it gets colder and of course a bag for all necessary stuff I drag with me every day.

And shoes - sneakers, flat sandals, basic heels, boots with a medium heel, and loafers!

Bloesem living | Talking fashion with Joyce Croonen of MyDubio

Current obsessions?

Marni fussbed sandals. Too expensive for the cold rainy Dutch climate though... And an Acne dark green mohair sweater with turtle neck and crazy long sleeves.

What's your dream brand to work with?

The Row and Celine are my favorites. Love their oversized layering while keeping it classy at the same time. It's all about the fabric. And quirky details such as the bell cuffs at Celine. If they only ever would be so crazy to want to work with me...

Bloesem living | Talking fashion with Joyce Croonen of MyDubio

What fashion trends have you spotted for 2016?

The '70s are still going strong with flared jeans and bell sleeves. Last winter we saw a lot of extra long sleeved knits, and SS16 shows us the Summery version: cotton puffy sleeves or extra large cufs. Layering several items in one color is also still a key way to look chic while keeping things simple and fuss-free.

Thanks for taking the time to have a little chat with us, Joyce!

Image credits: Joyce Croonen

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