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Bloesem Gift Guide 2015: Travel

Wednesday, 9 December 2015 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem gift guide: Travel gifts

{Janessa Leone Clay Hat available at Shop Nanin}

The Bloesem Gift Guide 2015 comes just in time for the massive travel season ahead!

Whether you know someone who's travelling to visit family and spend Christmas together, gearing up for their annual holiday trip with friends, or even just doing some exploring of their own to seek out beautiful landscapes covered in a white blanket of snow.. This section of the gift guide is going to give you some pretty great ideas for handy presents that will make their packing list every time. And if they're up for some snowboarding? Don't worry, we still got you covered.

But if that person is you, well, you can now cheekily hand over this gift guide to your friends and family.. fingers crossed!

Bloesem gift guide: Travel gifts

{1. Mini Jam Box, 2. Rucksack, 3. Mod Tablet, 4. Snowboard Bindings, 5. Travel Pouch, 6. Travel Notebook, 7. Travel Cord, 8. Destination Berlin}

To view the entire gift guide.. read on here.. Bloesem Gift Guide 2015.

Bloesem gift guide: Travel gifts

{9. Taylor Headphones, 10. Tulsi Scarf, 11. Passport Case, 12. Maternity Suitcase, 13. Gregory Peck 47 Sun, 14. Mobile Charger, 15. Accordion Folder, 16. Clay Hat}

.. Bloesem Gift Guide 2015 on Issuu

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