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Artful Desperado interview

Thursday, 24 December 2015 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

Christmas is a time of good cheer, family, friends.. and great feasts! We bring you Artful Desperado today, a gorgeous food blog, all the way from Vancouver. As a free space for him to explore his creativity, Gabriel Cabrera really showcases his impressive styling and photography skills, along with his unique eye for colour, design and also art.. Not to mention his witty humour and laid pack personality that just shines through! We could just read his blog for hours.. There are pages and pages of exciting festive recipe inspirations.. But be warned - expect actual drooling!

Between handling his various projects, Gabriel was very kind to contribute to the Food section of our latest Bloesem Gazette, and even have a little chat with us.. Read on - the ultimate tip for the perfect sandwich is just right round the corner!

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

What do you think is the most versatile ingredient out there?

Chocolate! You can use it on both savoury and sweet dishes and, you eat it by itself. Everyday. If possible.

Oh how we all wish! Then what's your go-to sweet dish... for date night?

I'd say my go-to date night dessert is a chocolate ganache tart.

And your go-to drink?

An Old Fashioned. It's pretty hard to mess that one up!

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

What are some trends do you see in foodie culture?

I see people caring more and more about the overall nutrition in their meals. Before it was all about going big or going home (e.g. loads of butter, loads of cream, heaps of sugar), now people want food that looks beautiful, tastes great, and is healthy. I feel foodies currently stand in the intersection of photography, health, and minimal lifestyle.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

Exactly! One thing that's often featured is eggs. How do you like yours?

Sunny side up.

Any tips to making the perfect sandwich?

Always use something to coat the bread to prevent it from getting soggy. Use something tasty like guacamole, chipotle mayo, or hummus.

What's your fondest comfort food, besides Chocolate?

Tacos. They remind me of home (Mexico) and that gives me the warm fuzzies.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

What about your secret indulgences right now? Spill!

I secretly (not so secretly anymore) love deep fried chicken or pig skin with hot sauce and lime. My friends think it's atrocious. I think they're missing out!

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

What are the 5 places you go to for recipe inspirations? 

Food52, Bon Appetit Magazine, Donna Hay, Gather Journal, and Pinterest.

Any tips for people trying out food styling?

My top one would be lighting. Make sure to have enough light to showcase your dish. My personal favourite is soft defused light by a window. If you are not able to have good lighting, then don't take the photo, trust me, it's better to save the moment for later than to post a horrendous image that looks like roadkill.

Here's hoping our Christmas feast photos will look as great.. Thanks once again, Gabriel! 

Photo credits: Artful Desperado

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