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The Ode Cup

Monday, 31 August 2015 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem living | The Ode Cup by Jurianne Matter

In March last year, Jurianne Matter was one of the very first teachers to kick off Bloesem classes. She came all the way to Singapore from the Netherlands and taught us along with many other eager students how we can Decorate Like a Pro! Everything was so fresh and new and it could not have been a better idea to start the classes off with a friend and of course a designer that I admire. We had such a good time and it really marked a great beginning for the classes!

As an extra special present, while she was here, Jurianne gifted me with one of the two prototypes she had made for her line of ceramic cups, the Ode cup! (All images here except for the last one are taken of the prototype.) What an honour to have been able to already see this beauty before anyone else and I was very excited to see what everyone's reaction would be to the finished product. Finally the cups have arrived.. and want to cheers everyone to this gorgeous line of ceramic cups.

After falling head over heels for a teapot she found in Denmark by Jens Harald Quistgaard, Jurianne Matter's designed her latest range of ceramic cups as an ode to one of her favourite designers from the 50s and 60s.

With it's iconic embossed pattern and tapered shape, the Ode cup comes in 4 colours and is the perfect tea time companion, keeping your hot beverage toasty.

We have always been big fans of Jurianne's work with paper and we have as quickly fallen for her tea towels and ceramic cups. She's currently at ShowUP, a tradeshow for home products and gifts.

Is there a better way to honour a design idol than to create something so beautiful to share with the world? 

Bloesem living | The Ode Cup by Jurianne Matter

Bloesem living | The Ode Cup by Jurianne Matter

Bloesem living | The Ode Cup by Jurianne Matter

All the images above are taken of the prototype so keep in mind that Jurianne has made several improvments to it .. And below are the final products! In 4 great colour ways.. The cups will be ready in 5 weeks but for now you may check out if they have any up for grabs at Studio de Winkel.

Bloesem living | The Ode Cup by Jurianne Matter

Last image of the final product is by Jurianne Matter, all other images of the prototype are by Bloesem.

.. Jurianne Matter
.. Ode cup
.. Posters and other paper products by Jurianne Matter

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