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TB…to be or not to be…?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 by Irene Hoofs


Dear readers,

TB…to be or not to be…? That was the question the Bloesem team was pondering most of last week, but then we decided to bite the bullet and leave Tiong Bahru. What? Yes, it is true… Bloesem is moving on to greener pastures (quite literally perhaps, stay tuned for the announcement of our new location…). But why are you leaving TB, many of you have asked me privately and online… well, for starters, it is not just Bloesem leaving TB; a number of inspiring new businesses are leaving as well or, rather, should I say have been asked to leave.

Suffice to say, we and our colleague-entrepreneurs feel misunderstood and under-appreciated to put it very mildly… but we can take a hint and know when we are no longer welcome... will we miss TB? Certainly, we thoroughly enjoyed staying there and love the architecture and vibe of the area, all of which we will leave behind now…

However, as a famous woman once sung (OK, first sung by a man…), “non, je ne regrette rien”!

Most of all, I am very proud of what the Bloesem team (Zara, Mei and Anouk) has accomplished in TB and I am sure many of you have seen and experienced firsthand what Bloesem and similar businesses have brought to TB, seeking to add genuine value to the character of the neighborhood, but I could be bias of course… :) …

Over the last few years the Bloesem team has put a lot of positive energy into TB with the aim to help putting it firmly on the world map of up and coming neighborhoods and we like to think that we made at least a modest difference, but leave it to you to be the judge of that… so, while indeed we have no regrets, this episode leaves somewhat of a scar on the Bloesem team which is unfortunate I must say… all of that said, at Bloesem we remain very positive about the future (although the last few weeks that has not been such an easy thing to do for us), with the one big positive from this experience being that Bloesem has grown significantly since first opening its doors in TB almost two years ago, thanks to all of you, for which we are very grateful… you can rest assured that we will continue to blossom in Singapore and beyond, going confidently into the direction of our dreams… Irene xoxo



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