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Class Alert : We're making Candles

Tuesday, 4 November 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Class | Candle Making with Deckle and Hide on 20, 21 and 22 Nov 2014 at the Bloesem Studio in Tiong Bahru, SingaporeClass Alert: Candle making with Deckle and Hide 

There’s nothing quite like having a beautifully-lit candle burning in your room and not to mention the lovely scent that lingers throughout your home! Well, what if we tell you that you can learn to make your very own signature scented candles using 100% botanical ingredients? The sweet couple behind Deckle and Hide candles, Anne and Luke Suthern, will be making their way down to our sunny island to teach you the wonderful craft of candle making. A craft that dates back to the beginnings of civilization, candle making is still loved by many (including us!) due to the light, warmth and romantic ambiance it brings to any room!

Learn from the candle experts, Anne and Luke, the secrets to making beautiful and unique scents using botanical oils. They will teach you how to make soy container candles with your very own individual scents... and yes, you can bring your own jars to give your candles a personal touch! Unlike most candles, soy candles are 100% bio-degradable, chemical-free, produce little soot or smoke, burn cooler, last longer and with all that still smell so heavenly! Burn them at home or give them away as gifts, they are sure to impress your family or friends! This class is also a perfect Christmas present for your loved ones, where they can hone their creative skills to create something beautiful, sweet smelling and useful!

Bloesem Class | Candle Making with Deckle and Hide on 20, 21 and 22 Nov 2014 at the Bloesem Studio in Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Read on for more about this candle making class..

Bloesem Class | Candle Making with Deckle and Hide on 20, 21 and 22 Nov 2014 at the Bloesem Studio in Tiong Bahru, Singapore

3 fun hours of learning the art of making natural candles in a relaxed atmosphere accompanied with yummy food and drinks. The workshop will cover the basics of making soy candles and working with different types of fragrances. Luke and Anne will guide you through the steps to making your very own container candles such as preparing the wax, melting the wax, working with wicks and finishing touches. Using a wide array of botanical oils you will get the opportunity to create your own candle fragrance blend to match your preference or mood. All the supplies for the class which include soy wax, wicks and botanical oils will be provided and any leftovers are yours to keep! By the end of this hands-on, yet very relaxing candle making class you will leave with 2 different and individually scented candles and definitely a trail of sweet-smelling fragrance!

Anne Suthern is a fine artist with a background in architecture while Luke Suthern is a designer with a background in Engineering. This lovely Australian couple are the makers behind Deckle and Hide candles and leather goods that adhere strongly to their "minimalist" design and "whole" material philosophy. Their sweet smelling candles that Bloesem carries in our store are made from 100% botanical ingredients and are hot-selling items we find ourselves constantly needing to restock. They are made from ethically grown, GM free, pesticide free soy wax. Unlike most scented candles available today, D&H candles do not contain chemical scents. Rather, each candle is scented with 100% essential oils, sourced from around the globe. Thus, when each D+H candle burns, it not only emits a beautiful scent but also a vast array of health benefits associated with essential oils.

We want you to make candles that are uniquely yours, so bring along 2 containers (with diameters of around 6cm) to hold your soy wax! Tea cups, jam jars or tins... just be as creative as you want!

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