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We had some renovations...

Thursday, 24 April 2014 by Irene Hoofs


We all need some renovation once in a while I had mine when opening the Bloesem Space and typepad did last week ... they were attacked by a hacker which caused both my blogs and many others in the world to be down for almost a week ... all they could do was put some serious kit on their server walls!! And it worked ... we are all live and on our feet again.

We get lots of questions about the displays and furniture in the Bloesem Creative Space. So here's a little about them. There was alot of doing-it-myself, especially for the shelving in the studio. I spotted this bag of small wooden sticks in the art store one fine day and thought they would create an amazing display and create some kind of dimension to otherwise boring planks of wood. A bottle of wood glue, a plank of wood and a few bags of wooden dowels later.. tah dah! We have our one of a kind shelves and wooden displays we use throughout the Bloesem space.

Don't these trays from Fine Little Day look wonderful on them!




Another DIY project (and now product, which you can find on Bloesem.co) are the leather straps together with our trusty wooden dowels (aka. wooden rods). They have come in very handy both for display as well as storage. Other than hanging items, we have used them to secure mats so that they don't all fall down and create a big mess. 

Our display tables are held up by our favorite master and master trestles we have mentioned here.

And our shelves are none other than the well-known ikea ekby shelves. We love the clean look they give and also how they some what match our trestles.



 Vintage copper from the Netherlands that I used to collect when in Amsterdam. Ideal for props in photo-shoots ... if you want to see more pop by our space in Tiong Bahru! It would be lovely to meet you ~ Irene xoxo



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