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Erin is coming to Singapore!!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Class | Erin Loechner in Singapore

Dear All…

You will just have to bear with me while you read through this somewhat lengthy post..., yes, you are right, quite out of character for me to be this longwinded...but there is so much to tell! Where to start…

Often people ask me how it is even possible to make a living writing a blog and I see their jaws drop when I tell them I am actually writing two blogs ... what, how, wait, how do you do that?

Well, I could give you some hints and tips but I feel these questions should really be answered by someone that I believe has truly made it BIG online.

So I invited Erin Loechner who you will know from design for mankind, design for minikind and Clementine Daily to come to Singapore and host a number of Bloesem Classes. And the enthusiastic person she is, she immediately said YES!

Of course, I was thrilled Erin accepted the invitation to come to Asia with her family. It is absolutely fabulous to finally meet her in person; something I have been looking forward to professionally but also to finally meet a very good on-line friend.

Erin and I go way back to 2006 when we first made contact online and we had an instant connection... we exchanged blog posts, sharing the same interests for crafts and arts. Connecting, sharing and making the world we live in smaller was and remains our passion.

Erin is known not only for her blogs but also for the way she communicates with her readers and fellow bloggers... every single email she writes is positive, uplifting and friendly...perhaps this is “Lesson 1” when you want to be succesful online :)

But I’m sure there is so much more we can learn from her! Erin is a highly sought-after conference speaker and her appearances at Alt Summit, Richie Ace Camps and The Hive, have inspired many already and encouraged people to start online ventures of their own. BUT with this Bloesem Class you will get the very rare opportunity to meet Erin in a small group of people, not a big conference but an intimate gathering instead, where all of you will be sitting front row, listening, asking questions, absorbing and, simply, talking to this amazing lady!

I'm absolutely sure you will be mesmerized by her appearance, her words and ideas ...just to give you a little hint of Erin’s own on-line journey...according to her:

"In 2001, I blogged to find myself.
In 2002, I blogged to find people like myself.
In 2003, I blogged to find people unlike myself.
In 2004, I blogged to become a writer.
In 2005, I blogged to avoid therapy.
In 2006, I blogged to research.
In 2007, I blogged because I was obsessed.
In 2008, I blogged to share.
In 2009, I blogged to hide.
In 2010, I blogged to create.
In 2011, I blogged to teach.
In 2012, I am blogging to discover.
In 2013, I traveled the world"

And in 2014...  she is coming to Singapore! So mark your calendar for the week starting [insert] May. Erin will be hosting two different type of classes :


- OR - 


visit the links and find all the details, dates and how to sign up

Erin will be sharing with us her secrets on how to grow an audience, engaging a community and building traffic to your corner of the Internet; if you live on-line, want to start on an on-line venture or just have an interest to learn about the on-line world, you don’t want to miss this opportunity and sign up right away! (or if you don’t live in Singapore but in a neighboring country and don’t want to miss Erin’s classes, please let us help you find a hotel or a place to sleep!).

As said, we only have limited seats available for these classes and we expect demand to be great!
And of course, Bloesem will make sure the ambiance, the food and all other goodies are going to be top notch too!

Bloesem Class | Erin Loechner in Singapore


Bloesem Class | Erin Loechner in Singapore

Bloesem Class | Erin Loechner in Singapore


Bloesem Class | Erin Loechner in SingaporeErinloechner

{'choose to be content' artwork by Samantha Hahn

ps. to be honest, while I know Erin is going to be teaching us blogging and online world, I might just throw in a few questions about fashion and style too ... isn't she the coolest girl in town!!

And, finally, she is not coming alone ... she is bringing her talented husband... yes, Bloesem Class is indeed very lucky to have Ken, an Emmy-award winning filmmaker, and he will be teaching what? Well... we will tell you more about his Bloesem Class tomorrow in a new post.


.. Clementine Daily 
..  design for mankind 
.. design for minikind 


Thank you Nathan Michael and Kit This for the images!

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