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Master Trestles

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | Master and Master trestles

Many of you might have seen the beautiful stackable diamond trestles I got for the new Bloesem creative space in Singapore via my instagram feed. It was a bit of a risk ordering them online and to never have seen them in real but I followed my gut and went ahead ... I could not have made a better choice!

Master&Master from Czech Republic is the place I am talking about. Michal Malasek is the designer and Master&Master gave the best customer service ever! The diamond trestles as they are called is the perfect solution for every space I love the openness and lightness they give to our new studio and shop here in Singapore. 

Probably two weeks from now we will officially open the creative space. We are still styling and placing the goods. But it is a dream come true seeing all the work by my favorite artists and designers coming together so nicely. 

You might wonder where the amazing photography comes from ... well I asked Frieda Mellema whether I could buy some of her work and portray it in our space, luckily she said yes! What do you think you like it too?  On the table ... flowers from Jurianne Matter, vintage glass bottles and stationery and some Birds from Keecie waiting for a new owner!

Bloesem Living | Master and Master trestles

Here are a few images of the trestles in our space, but Zara and I thought why not do a small round-up of some of our favorite pictures with trestle-samples. 

The amazing things about trestles as they table legs are many. So how about we list them out?

1. They look absolutely amazing (duh!) and don't feel as "heavy" as thick table legs, giving the room a less cluttered feel, if you catch my drift.

2. They come in so many different styles, from minimal to rustic to suit whatever look you are going for.

Bloesem Living | Master and Master trestles

3. Allows for portability. You can easily pack up the trestles and table top and shift it to wherever you'd like. Great for mobile work stations.

4. Setting up a desk with trestles can cost way less than buying an actual desk. You know the kind with drawers, and is huge, and you have to get delivered from the store by strong movers, that kind of desk.

And the list goes on and on, but the best part is that there is such a huge selection to choose from, even Ikea sells them and the cheapest ones go for just SGD10 per trestle! 

Bloesem Living | Trestles round-up

Bloesem Living | Trestles round-up

Bloesem Living | Trestles round-up

Bloesem Living | Trestles round-up

Bloesem Living | Trestles round-up 

Image credit: Top two images by Zara.S for Bloesem - Tressel Table co. via the design files - plantable Table (no trestles but such a fun idea :) - Simon Jones trestles TWO - Basic trestles via the Trestle Union - white trestles via stylist Kim Timmerman


.. Master&Master  

.. Frieda Mellema 

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