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Out of the blue

Thursday, 5 December 2013 by Irene Hoofs


For those of us who do not live in the Netherlands (currently in my case), we can only enjoy the beauty of the Out of the Blue concept store through this pictures. If a pictures speaks a thousand words, then I'm betting all those words are positive and showering the store with compliments.

Together Marijn Damen & Renee Arns, the founders of the store, work closely with the labels they carry, because they believe having a close and honest connection with both their labels and clients is the foundation of a solid co-operation. Which also means a better shopping and working experience for everyone involved! I know how much bad service can ruin a great shopping experience, so this is great to hear.

With the industrial quality of the space, the wood furniture works perfectly! Giving the shop a perfect amount of cosiness for a customer to feel right at home. Doesn't the wood table and the candle stand remind you slightly of christmas and family dinners?





On top of discovering this beautiful store, I had a wonderful surprise when i was looking through their list of designers on the website and saw Esther van der Sluis-Otten!
I know from our time living in Amsterdam and I did not even know about her delightful ceramic creations! I am so proud of her and overwhelmed by her gorgeous designs.

Another familiar piece I noticed was the Bubble vase on the table by Jorine oosterhoff who we met along with her husband, the duo also known as Buro jet in the thrid picture.




.. Out of the Blue concept store 

.. Esther van der Sluis



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