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Thursday, 7 November 2013 by Irene Hoofs


I have waited for this special day ... to announce a big step in my working life ...

Bloesem is going to open a studio in Tiong Bahru. The coolest area in town. I’m going to use the studio to work on the blogs, organize workshops — Bloesem Class -- and organize pop-up shops. 

Why you ask is today 7 november so special ... well, exactly one year ago I said goodbye to my father for the last time. It was on this day last year that I spoke in church how much I loved him and how I would try to carry his energy with me, and listen to all that he had taught me and I believe I have done a good job.

His sudden death has made me stronger, has made me appreciate life even more than I already did. And it was his going away that made it so clear to me that you only have THIS life to live. 

Although we gave him to that special energy that surrounds us and it is no longer possible for me to talk to him, or see or hear him (and believe me that hurts... deep inside, more than I could have ever imagined) I do feel he is with me ... at least his spirit is and that gives me so much strength. 

I know he would have been happy, he would have asked me many wise questions and, for sure, he would have challenged me, but above all he would have been proud that I achieved my main goal, giving Bloesem a brick and mortar place and turning Bloesem Studio into a bridge between East and West. 

My father loved the 'Far East’ as we used to call it. I remember when I was young he went to Asia for many weeks, several times during the year, to build his shoe trading business. Asia truly energized and inspired him. So it is probably in my genes ... but what I like the most about my own business is ‘connecting’ ... making the world smaller, perhaps that is why I love the internet so much! 

I sincerely hope that via the soon to open 'Bloesem Space' many creative people in the world will be able to meet each other, work together, learn together or just have a good time together. 

Of course I will keep you posted about this new adventure ... 

ps. there is one person that I need to thank ... Rik, he has been the most supportive person in the entire world and I love him more than he will ever understand.  The wrapping paper is by Nala design.


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