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Art tour in Nora her home

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | Art at La fete


Walking up the stairs in Nora's Amsterdam apartment is like walking into an art gallery. The home of this art director, mom and crafter is full with modern and contemporary art just the way I would like to see it in my own home. 

Nora and I met via Bloesem Kids ... when she wrote me about her love craft projects ... for the last year she has contributed many amazing and fun DIY tutorials. Last summer when I was in Amsterdam Nora and I met and she was just as wonderful as I had imagined her. 

But let's talk art / prints and where to find these kind of things online ... Nora gave me some info per picture and I hope you will find the info useful. 

Image above you see on top art by Dutch painter Bob Bonies and Nora bought it on the Dutch Craigs List called 'Marktplaats'. Below is a picture of Rome made by Nora her own mom who is a very creative and artistic person herself Nora told me.  

Take a little tour with me after the break. 

Bloesem Living | Art at La fete

Left: Hiroshi Harada at Gallery De Vierde Dimensie.

Right side: Lynn Forbes from the UK ... Nora bought it on Ebay

The little truck is by Han Bennink  at Gallery Kunst op Kamers.

Bloesem Living | Art at La fete

On the far left art above by Nora's mom and below from her father ... yes Nora is lucky to have inherited some creative genes. 

The famous 'Kannen' are by  Klaas Gubbels which she found via Steen Drukkerij in Amsterdam. And on the right is a woodprint by Arjenne Fakkel.

 Bloesem Living | Art at La fete

Left top art is by  Robert and Jeanne Schaap but unfortunately not more info to give ... The little frame below is by Andreas Brandt  and Nora and her husband bought it a small gallery Spielvogel  in Berlin. The print with green squares is by Gunther Tuzina and Nora got it via eBay. But Slewe in the Netherlands has some of artwork in their collection too. 


Just a vintage barometer Nora got form a family member but thought painting it red would make more sencse ... I love how it turned out, you too?

Bloesem Living | Art at La fete

Two by Noël Drieghe that they bought in Antwerp at gallery "kunst in huis". Below 'the table' is an illustration by Nora's mom again .. inspired by the work of Klaas Gubbels. 

And next to it is a lino=cut called " het thee builtje" van Beatrice Kluivers uit '78. 

Bloesem Living | Art at La fete

Above again Bob Bonies. and below 

And Nora's list of artist she admires goes on ... here just some more names and links to get you inspired too... Károly Keserü , Ko Oosterkerk and Paul van Rijswijk at Luycks Gallery. 

hanks you Nora for sharing all the info with us!! You definitely helped me to get started and hopefully soon I will be able to hang some artwork in our home.

What kind of art do you have in your home? Do you have any favorites. Please leave a comment and share your ideas, tips and suggestions with us!

Bloesem Living | Art at La fete


All images were taken by me, Irene.


.. Nora Vrba

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