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Prints and patterns are always a Trend!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013 by Irene Hoofs


Being on Pinterest too much can be a pain (what?!). It's nothing to do with the endless stream of beautiful images that our eyes scan through on a daily basis, but the fact that we can't help but WANT all (some of) these things we chance upon.

We get inspired to change up our living spaces, make it more "pinteresting", if you will. Unfortunately not everyone is made of money, so what we suggest is actually investing in pieces that you are drawn to. They may cost abit more but these pieces are an expression of your personal style, help give a mini home makeover, and overtime, they become a part of the collection you have curated within your space.  

One popular trend in home accessories are prints and patterns. Pieces with bright colors, crazy prints, textures, what ever it is. You like it, you buy it, you bring it home, it becomes part of the space. Don't see it as that $90 lampshade you weren't totally sure about buying, but rather that one piece that brightens up your living room. A new addition to your very own museum.

That lampshade above by Tamasyngambell  is just one of the daring prints I would love to see in my own house!

 A nice round-up of my print & pattern favorites after the break ... starting with the cushions by Livin' in a Box ... 






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Storage by Bookhou :: Fabric available at Skinnylaminx :: Wrapping paper by  Nala Designs :: Fabrics by Tas-ka :: Woodstock wallpaper by Racheljpowell :: Fabrics from Umbrellaprints :: Pillows by Fnubbu :: 


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