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Spotlight: AAVA helsinki

Tuesday, 6 August 2013 by Irene Hoofs


Do you have any real art in your home? Or have you ever considered buying some but no idea where to start looking to buy? Well I might have a place for you online ...  AAVA Helsinki is new art gallery with a good concept and a clear mission: "Our sole purpose is to build bridges between artists and art-loving audiences by bringing high-quality paintings to homes and offices - at an affordable price." ... 

At the Designed By collection you can find 9 very talented artists but AAVA Helsinki is always looking for new and more designers who share their views in bringing art to a wider audience. 

To be honest my husband and I have not yet bought any art but we are getting more interested and browsing through  AAVA Helsinki helps me to better imagine what painting could do to one of our rooms too. Which painting do you like best?



.. AAVA Helsinki

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