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on Pinterest: great[people] by Lorraine Kuehnel

Thursday, 20 June 2013 by Irene Hoofs

photocredit: Fred R. Conrad for NY Times

A tribute ... ode ... honor to my absolute favorite TV actor of all times TONY SOPRANO - James Gandolfini  ... how sad I am I to hear today that this incredible talented actor has died at the age of only 51. 

Ladies and Gents a gentle reminder again for all of us to Live Today and try to be Happy!


I believe a perfect Pinterest board for you today ... why did i choose them out of the 738 great[people] pinterest board by Lorraine Kuehnel ...

1. The beautiful Charles Eames ...that is where it all began, my love for furniture .. design and interior decoration. 

2. Coco Chanel is the reason why I love Pearls so very very much!

3. Gala and Salvador Dali  ... because my father loved him very much and we visited her castle just two months before ... 

4. Meryl Streep  .. thinking of my mom and how this movie helped her through some tough times in our lives ... 

5. Freddie Mercury ... where do I start  ... there is no voice in this world who that can touch me like his songs do ... it started when I was around 14 and now I am singing his songs with my boys 

6. Steve Jobs ... simple; otherwise I would not be doing what I am doing now ... 

7. Rem Koolhaas  ... will sound a bit like a nationalist here ... but proud of this Dutch guy and what he has done in so many cities in this world ...

Who would you choose from this board or who would you add and why??


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