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Decorating my living room

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 by Irene Hoofs

I really felt like cleaning out some shelves and re-organise some things in our dining area. Perhaps the loss of my dad and all the sadness around it made me want to start fresh again ... you recognise this feeling? Some people go out sporting or shopping I like to stay in my own home and find comfort in the things I cherish ... so last Sunday while my boys were playing outside I gave myself some 'me' time .. while listening to some music I enjoyed moving my things around. 


Usually I forget taking pictures but this time I thought let's share it with you my dear readers, you have been so supportive of me lately ... so I hope you like my small decoration ideas. 

I always keep things simple in my home, group things together and try to give proper attention to even the smallest object.                            [CONTINUE READING]


Tin, copper and bras are my new favorites and luckily for me my mom had quite a collection and she was more than willing to pass them on to me. I like how the tinny things are grouped together in a more modern setting. It is probably the color that I like so much. And mixing old and new is I believe always a good idea. 

I will mention some of the obeject you see in the pictures. The red bar stool is by Heidi Sebastian for established&sons. Rik and I bought it for our apartment in Singapore but with new tenants living their now we thought better to use it ourselves. I absolutely love the stool and just to let you know it sits very comfortably. 


The shelves are by string from Sweden, but I guess you knew that already :) ... a little vintage vase by Tapio Wirkkalla, square robot prints by Vorstin, Italian cotton threads by Carta inc., a ceramic pencil box by Dick van Hoff, blue ceramic pot by inkypots and the rest are thrift store finds.

Art on the wall is by Dutch photographer Anna Tiedink. Some trays by fog linen on the marble table, facemaker by miller&goodman the luxe edition and of course a little picture off my dad.   


And the whole family likes how are our aereaware Cubot friend waves at us during diner ... 


All images by me, Irene. If you have any questions for me about decorating your home ... please do leave a comment, I love to hear from you! ~ irene xoxo
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