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Ladies & Gentlemen

Friday, 5 October 2012 by Irene Hoofs


It is about time I am doing this post ... why, you perhaps think ... well since I came back from NY this lady is on my mind .. I love her designs enormously and she is such a sweet person. 'Who' is she? Well her name is Jean Lee and she half of the Ladies & Gentleman design studio based in San Francisco. 

WHile walking at the NYIGF my eyes suddenly caught these beautiful round copper lights hanging in a small corner. Like a magnet I was drawn to them ... only after a while of observing them I noticed the lady standing next to them and when she introduced herself I was like ... oh wow, how wonderful to meet you and  'yes' of course this must be a new design from Ladies&Gentleman! 

And soon after I discovered the new 'perimeter trays', which I am hoping to find underneath the Christmas tree this year :) ...

{The image above and below were taken by Kelly Ishikawa for Anthology magazine issue no. 8 ...great article, perhaps you can still get a copy somewhere.} 

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a bit about Ladies & Gentleman

'Driven by a love for all things simple, clever, and/or designed, Ladies & Gentlemen was founded by Jean Lee (the Lady) & Dylan Davis(the Gentlemen) in 2010. With a mix of resourcefulness and nostalgia, the studio builds objects considering yesterday's values reinterpreted for current times.'

I'm loving all their designs, but my favs are the aura lights, the perimeter trays and the vintage spoons ... and one more .. Homestead ... enjoy shopping!


..Ladies & Gentleman

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