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Sponsor Spotlight: Rand Papele Jewelry

Thursday, 21 June 2012 by Irene Hoofs


{1. Vintage Travel Pennant 2. Points Bracelet 3. Initial Ribbon Necklace 4. Guide Necklace 5. Mushroom Necklace 6. Chevron Earrings}

Just had a lovely time visiting Rand Papele, each of their pieces of jewelry have such a delicate shape about them, though often their edges are sharp. Their Spring and Summer 2012 collection is what I have mainly featured above and it is called, "The Archer" which is a perfect name, because not only are many of the shapes arrow like, but it feels medieval, and romantic.

Rand Papele was created by Eben Papele and Judith Rand who make all their lovely pieces in a peaceful town north of New York City. You can see which retailers are stocking their products here, and glimpses of their studio, and how they create their jewelry here. - Sponsor Spotlight

..Rand Papele

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