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Art in Your Home :: Judy Kaufmann

Thursday, 19 January 2012 by Irene Hoofs


A: Art means to me…Like something that appears in those things we were not prepare to see, like something Arty. That's when the real Art shows up for me, like the work from the art brut, a scene created by Jean Dubuffet that describes "art created outside the boundaries of official culture, focusing particularly on art by insane-asylum inmates" (wikipedia)

R: Reading books, blogs or magazines...I love to read graphic novels and contemporary US novelists. Now I'm reading Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer and also QUAI D'ORSAY, a graphic novel that is a a satirical description of Dominique de Villepin. It talks about the political world in France by Christophe Blain and Abel Lanzac. I have a huge list of blogs I visit every week. Some of my favorites are Bright Bazaar by Will (He is that kind of person you would love to meet in the middle of some beach with a mojito), All the Mountains by Amy Borrell, I love its delicacy, it's one of the blogs that has the most inspiring images for me. I also love designismine, sfgirlbybay, Pikaland, Oh Joy...among others. For magazines I subscribed to a Spanish magazine of interior design calls AD and to a Chilean satiric newspaper (The Clinic), and I must see how to receive Frankie Magazine from Australia.


T: Trends I see in art or graphic design are…Since I have my Pinterest account, I've found a way to sort my favorite trends. The idea to make a community through our own tastes is fantastic. I never follow the current fashion or the current trends, Pinterest has been a perfect place to see how people move around their own original objects, designers, clothes, food, etc.

A: Artists I admire are…First of all those who are closest to me; The wood sculptor Marc Sparfel, which happens to be my boyfriend, my good friend Coni Delavedova from Cobilab an although I do not know her in person, I really love the work of Leah Duncan. Now, as historical artists, I really love Klaus Hack, Cy twombly, the work process of Niki de saint phalle, Alexander Calder, Picasso, Saul Steinberg...among others. 


N: Never will I...say never.

D: Dreams for my own work are...Learn from peers and invisible people behind the screen, share knowledge and to continue being motivated as I'm today. 

P: Projects I am currently working on are...I'm making a lot of illustrations for a corporative project of a small island (can't give more details!) I'm also working on a illustration for The National Council for Culture and the Arts (Chile) in collaboration with Plop! Gallery for The Lukas Museum. Valparaiso, Chile and drawing more characters for my collection of famous prints.


R: Relaxing I do when...Traveling, reading, sleeping.

I: Interesting art focused websites I like are...I like this blog about comparisons, or this one with a great compilation of famous people hanging out together


N: New in my home is...The woman painted by my brother in law

T: Tomorrow I would like to go to...To my studio! 

S: Studio, my studio is…New, big, full of prints and very colorful! 

Thank you so much Judy for this lovely tour of the Art in Your Home! You can visint Judy's shop here, and her blog here.

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