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Sponsor Spotlight : Nauli

Friday, 14 October 2011 by Irene Hoofs


The good thing about moving house is being reminded of all your family pictures hidden in storage boxes that you never came around placing in a photo-albums... the problem with me is that when I finally have found time and spirit to start sorting them all out I don't have a photo album that I like. I will then go to a 'normal' shop, but do not like what I see and the my good spirit fades away and the pictures go back in the box...

Best solution would be simply to order a couple of theses beautiful handmade albums from Nauli . At least they will be there when I want to start on a rainy evening or Sunday afternoon...


Nauli is the label of two sisters, based near Munich in Germany. Nauli means 'beautiful' and for them this means made with great care... the 2012 Day Planner and weekly planner are out and available right here and Johanna, one of the sisters told me they LOVE to do custom orders! Just email them. 



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