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And we do dogs too!

Thursday, 13 October 2011 by Irene Hoofs


I can't decide if this is kind of an odd post for Bloesem, but I am an animal lover. I have plans to spend my retirement opening up a sanctuary for abused bulldog's, my husband isn't aware of these plans so let's just keep it between us.


And though I love all animals, I am one bulldog obsessed lady and if you own a bulldog - you know it's like having a hippo sleep in your house. I am also a "neat freak" which is basically the opposite term for bulldog, so I have spent many years cringing at the ugly messy dog bed sitting in the corner of the rooms I have worked so hard to make nice.                                                       Read More >>>

I was going through a lot of dog bed's until I found Molly Mutt and my dog bed war made peace with her lovely and eco-friendly approach to dog beds...and for cat owner's, cat beds


..Molly Mutt..

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