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KL Design Week 2011: Buah-Buahan

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 by Irene Hoofs


And my final post from the KL design week 2011 is about the group show: Buah Buahan. ... designers showcasing their work all inspired by Buah Buahan or Fruits in English... 

The work of 21 designers and artisits was showcased Buah Buahan and I loved almost all of it. Unfortunately not much was for sale ... 


{image above: works by Ellie See

 Buahbuahan1 Buahbuaha

In their own words the inspiration for this exhibition Buah Buahan came from ... an experience that most Malaysians would have gone through during Art Class in primary school. The art teacher would ask students to draw a picture based on the theme of Makanlah Buah-buahan Tempatan.

That picture of local fruits which most of us drew as kids could very well be the first time we all learned that durian, rambutan, kelapa, manggis, betik and more are fruits that grow locally. This exhibition celebrates that special moment we all share together as Malaysians.

It is also a collaborative effort by local creative individuals to promote local fruits as well as to rally the nation to appreciate (and consume) locally crafted art. After all, art is also one of the fruits of our homeland.

More info about Buah Buahan right here...


Prints by Komwei Fong...


Prints by Yeoh aka Mr.Pear, Chris Wong and Law Chin Thye...


I loved these little ceramic objects by KamWei Fong from Bo&Friends.


Prints and illustrations by Kawakong...


printed textiles by I believe studio MMCMM...


My favorites... fruits by Ellie See...


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