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Shine – reversible paper lanterns by Jurianne Matter

Monday, 4 July 2011 by Irene Hoofs


A little while back Jurianne emailed me with some exciting news... new paper lanters designed by her were going to be available soon... of course being a big fan of all her paper designs I asked her whether I could have the scoop on showing them first to the world... so here we go after finalising the whole design and printing process Jurianne and I are happy to show you her amazing new Shine collection!


In her own words this is what Jurianne told me about her new Shine collection:  “I actually came up with the idea last winter. I wanted to design a second series of lanterns, this is the first series, and the task I had set myself was this: they still had to be made of paper, still had to include a slight DIY factor and of course they still had to be eco friendly, but they.......... READ MORE

Shine-3  Shine-4

had to be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the first series! I realised I had set myself a tough assignment: to create an entirely new shape and totally different style whilst retaining my own ‘signature’… Now, at last, after endless sketching, printing, cutting, folding, looking and choosing, a set of 3 completely new lanterns is ready to shine! “  Jurianne.


The Shine – reversible paper lanterns shimmer in the twilight of every season, lighting up your garden in summer and give color to winter evenings. For those who like to dabble in DIY, Shine asks for a touch of creativity. Push the flaps inwards or outwards – whatever you like best – and simply choose the side you like most, because these lanterns are reversible! Once lit up, the inner side of the lantern becomes slightly transparent, giving it an enchanting look.   


Each Shine set contains 3 lanterns. The pop-out cards are size 31 cm x 15 cm. The lanterns are large enough to fit over most drinking glasses and jam jars.

Easiest available online shop to buy them is at BijzonderMooi right here.  

Would you like to see where Jurianne lives? click here for a Let's Get Personal Tour with her. 

All images by Jurianna Matter

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