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Let's ixxi today

Thursday, 21 July 2011 by Irene Hoofs


It took me a while to get this post up, not sure why exactly becasue I really love it! ... but please say 'hi' to this wonderful new product from the Netherlands, called ixxi. Perhaps you saw some images already at other blogs, but it couldn't heart you if I show you some more right :) 


With ixxi you can make your own wall decoration, wallpaper, or room divider in any size you want and with you own personal images!

ixxi is a connecting system consisting of little plastic x’s, i’s, and cards, with which you can design your own (photo) enlargement or collage. You join the cards with the connecting pieces and then you can easily hang your ixxi from the wall or ceiling.

Ixxi_imagebank_Rijksmuseum_  Ixxi_photo_Landscape Ixxi_RoomdividerRose_white

You probably wonder how you get image or photos on the cards, well easy just visit the ixxi website and upload your photos, illustrations, or logos, and determine the desired dimensions....


Some really nice examples in these images don't you agree. I love the Old Masters in the super modern style. I definitley am going to try this with some of the pics from my boys. Which images do you want to use? 

The website is very explanatory and will help you create a nice wall in your home. If you have a specific question for ixxi than don't hesitate sending the super friendly founders, Gaby or Roel, of ixxi an email



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